Accuracy in Media

Liberals pounced on a tweet from the Fox News Research account after the terrorist attack in Barcelona that listed other vehicular attacks in 2017, saying that it should have included last weeks attack in Charlottesville, Va.

But in their haste to criticize the tweet, they ignored the European flags denoting the area of the world that the tweet was referring to.

Matthew Gertz from Media Matters for America admitted that he erred.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for any other apologies.

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  • jg collins

    The EU flag is a mere blot, much like the EU itself, only tinier.

  • samo war

    where is us patriots rewolution 2 ?

  • MesaMark

    I don’t see them complain about the omission of daily Planned Parenthood attacks on the unborn at locations domestic or foreign.

  • lou7

    The democrats couldn’t control a one car train without lying!