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Confirming a rumor that had circulated for months, Facebook announced it has made conservative magazine the Weekly Standard its newest partner in its effort to fact-check news on the social media giants platform.

The magazine will be the first conservative organization to partner with Facebook.  Other partners include reporters from the Associated Press and ABC News, and journalists from the fact-checking organizations Snopes, PolitiFact and

The effectiveness of the fact-checking effort has been called into question by the partners since Facebook hasn’t released any meaningful information on the journalist’s success in debunking fake news that has appeared on the platform.

Media Matters was quick to respond, calling the Weekly Standard “serial misinformers” saying that the magazine’s reporting on Benghazi, Obamacare, the Iraq War and tax cuts raise doubts as to whether or not Facebook is taking the challenge of fact-checking seriously.

Brooke Binkowski, managing editor of the liberal fact-checking site told The Guardian that she had some qualms about the partnership as well.

“If you’re going to be politicizing facts, no good can come of that,” she said. “What they are saying is we consider you to be liberal. It doesn’t give us a lot of credit for being trained, being transparent.”





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  • Premium

    The weekly standard is conservative? Haaaa!!

  • @tedscott4

    Media Matters is upset because a “Fact checking” organization slid in under the radar, that isn’t funded by George Soros.

  • the libs r just sore b/c they wont have a monopoly on fact checking anymore

  • samo war
  • Mesa Mike

    Nothing is ever good enough for Marxists. They complain about everything, like the spoiled, whining children they are. I mean The Weekly Standard? Next they’ll complain about John McCain.

  • vladdy

    Snopes is trying to convince us she is “trained” and “transparent”? If she has to say so, she isn’t. And Snopes is not. Anyone that sets himself up as THE expert is wrong. You should always say do your research, find sources you can trust, check several sources. Ever notice how the Dims do that a lot? “Call your congress member and tell them to vote no on—” Un..yeah, ‘cos I always take radical actions without investigating on my own. (Do I need “sarc”?) Problem is, lots of younger voters do’t.

  • vladdy

    Yeah, it’s like how leftists think they’re really getting to you when they demean the GOP and Fox News. I always think, shhhh, don’t even tell them.

  • Ed

    Media Matters…the single most biased group in existence…is complaining only because they wont have free reign to blatantly lie like they usually do.

  • Jonathan

    Hats off to Facebook if this turns out to be true. Completely against their political culture.