Accuracy in Media

NBC’s Today show host Matt Lauer was criticized by his liberal colleagues in the media for his handling of the Commander-in-Chief Forum after Lauer unexpectedly grilled Hillary Clinton over her emails:

The media wanted more fact checking on Trump’s statements and less emphasis on Clinton’s emails. Lauer spent seven of his 30 minutes with Hillary on her handling of classified material on her server, much to the consternation of the liberal media and the Clinton surrogates—who want this issue to go away—as it continues to erode Clinton’s honesty and trustworthiness numbers with voters.

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  • The Dutchman

    The medias in the bag for killary rotten clintoon and Lauer is just trying to make it look like they aren’t! He wouldn’t know what honest reporting is!

  • votedemout

    While I agree with your general premise, on this one night he looked like Tim Russert, the only liberal in recent memory who actually was an honest journalist.

  • Austinniceguy

    Those delusional morons from the lamestream media have nothing to worry about. As soon as Assange releases the rest of her emails the entire world will be watching as her campaign implodes and THAT’S what they will be talking about. Once her shot at the presidency is finished and she rides off into the sunset with the rapist, there will be nothing left worth writing about her and the whole issue will be closed.

  • The Dutchman

    In recent years I haven’t seen ANY honest journalist.

  • Richard Frick

    The liberal media are scared shitless that killery will cut off the payoffs that allow the pedantic,biased,lying, useless, elitists to trash the Republican Party and 60+% of the American People in the name of money. Rotten thieves. Matt Laure is finally recognizing the TRUTH.

  • votedemout

    I realize we have to allow for you being a swabbie, but let me give you three.
    The liberal Sharyl Attkisson, the conservative Paul Gigot, and the independent Dennis Prager. There are a few more, but these three have time and again proven to be factually correct, yet true to their core beliefs.

  • Bernie

    The liberal media got that thing elected that’s in the wh now.We the people are paying for it,because for 6 yrs the wimps in Congress wont do anything.The left wing media sucks and I blame these sleazbags for Obama and now this pos Hillary Clinton.I think George Soros is paying off the left wing media and to keep there opinions to themselves and let Obama and the bitch get away with everything.What they don’t know is Obama is destroying this country little by little and the dumb sleazebags believe every lying word out of his lying mouth and her lying mouth too.She and the Liberals will try and steal the election and all her will break loose if she wins.America will be gone and she will let every scumbag illegal into this country just like her brother Obama.All libs are a like they lie and cheat and don’t give a hoot about us.The mainstream media sucks and we all know it,but nobody does nothing about it.I stop bying a newspaper 35 yrs ago and I get my news from Conservative talk radio,which Obama tried to shut down at one time.This entire adm,needs to go before Congress and pay for there sins and crimes.

  • Bernie

    Way to go Matt.Somebody did their job for a change.This should have happen a long time ago.The rest of the sleazebag left wing media will stay with this evil crook why I have no idea.She will bankrupt the country if Obama hasn’t done that yet.She will let in our borders every slimebag illegal there is so they can vote democratic the next 50 yrs.What she don’t care about is letting in ISIS,murderers,rapists, baby killers and all other trash.Then give them money and food stamps and she will screw every American out their who works for a living.Who do you think is going to pay for these heathens.WAKE UP AMERICA AND SEE WHAT OBAMA AND HILLARY AND THE REST OF THE SOCIALISTS ARE DOING TO OUR COUNTRY.

  • Maggietish

    Great job Matt. I really didn’t think he had it in him and was just a part of the biased liberal media who has done nothing but protect, cover-up and defend Hillary Clinton regardless of hee lawlessness and atrocities she continually commits. It was great watching her sweat. The liberals are close to having a stroke because Matt did what they should be doing. Can’t wait until Wikileaks releases the next batch of emails and watch the biased liberal media trip all over themselves trying to dismiss it all. Seriously, what a disgrace they are. What has happened to the United States that even the media doesn’t care how much Hillary Clinton has broken the law, been complicit in the skaughter of four Anericcsns in Benghazi, sold out America with her pay to play with the Clinton Foundation while she was Secretary of State and jeopardized this Nation and the American people with her private emaiks and private server. They ignore the fact that Hillary destroyed cellphones by smashing them with a hammer and bleached her emails all after receiving a court order to present them to the court. Hillary is guilty of treason and the biased liberal media supports her irregardless of that. God help us all.

  • Joe Toland

    Good start. Now nail her to the wall every chance you get.

  • armydadtexas

    Awe! poor, poor, poor Hillary R. Clinton. Someone actually acted like they were calling her to account. Oh, boo hoo!

  • J

    Why doesent anybody ask Clinton about her husband passing the Graham-Leech-Bliley Act, or Citi Group Relief Act which is literally what caused the crash of 08-09

  • Steven Barrett

    I’m not sure what you mean by “in the bag” for Clinton. It seems like every they bring up the emails, thus inevitably allowing for a situation that’s already been ground over in several different which ways (but straight linear logical fashion) all so that each reporter or media outlet gets its “take of a question”in and run back to the camera or editorial offices to crank whatever they want the public to take in. This of course only helps to create more of the same situation cops and insurance adjustors have to deal with routinely when two cars bang into each other. LOL, it always seems like there’s never enough opinions and side views to add into the mix. Same goes for the emails if we want to step back and think about it.
    And here’s the ironic underside of even liberals’ fixation on the email is creating … a limiting opportunity for the public to hear or read on what Clinton and her party are promising to do or not do for our economy or in foreign policy issues. Those are the issues getting left on the editorial office’s floor.
    Bernie Sanders was spot on when he said the American people were sick of the email story. He saw that the issue was a black hole and he, or any other candidate running against her or even herself, would get sucked into a black hole created more by extremely ideological factions more interested in manipulating the campaign from outside the two parties. Professional kibbutzers who made tons of money and using this money to manipulate the public’s opinion on the email nonsense so they can look ten feet tall, all the while serving little or no purpose for our electoral system in general. So long as they get their views in, so long as they rake in lots of dollars to keep their opinion making machines purr (from either right or left tracks), they really can’t say they give a damn about whether the nation become ever more cynical as each day passes and each narrowly constructed story is published that’s more interested in breaking down the two party system.
    We know it’s not perfect because our politicians aren’t perfect because our politicians are fallible human beings. Whaddya know.
    Time to get on with more important issues and bury this outside kibbutzer’s wet-dream of a system crasher.

  • The Dutchman

    #1 Bernie is a socialist against everything our constitution stands for! He preaches against people being rich then goes out and buys an expensive beach home. Like all the dumbocraps he’s a pervert playing on the stupid people that can’t think for them selves and only believe what the commie anti-American socialistic medias put out!
    #2 killary rotten clintoon is no different just more of the same. Her only hope is that the blacks on welfare won’t wise up to the plantation LBJ has built for them!
    #3 The medias do everything they can to hide all the dirt on both of these parasites and refuse to report the truth. They are in the bag for the dumbocraps meaning they will not report the truth. It’s like the way they photo shop killary’s crowds to make it appear as though there are more people attending he lying lectures than are really there. They even add more sound effects to make it sound like there is a huge crowd.

  • Steven Barrett

    Aren’t you an enlightened one, Dutchman. To be quite honest, I wish when Hillary apologized for using the word “half” to describe Trump’s “deplorables,” … she changed the amount to at least three quarters. Just yesterday morning on CBS’ Sunday Morning show, there was a short story about Trump supporters selling Trump souvenirs and one of them was standing in front of a Confederate Battle Flag with Trump 2016 in white letters emblazoned on the “south side” of the X. (How appropriate.) All I can say for people like that is to stop your bitchin’ if you can’t mature enough to do any changing.

  • Steven Barrett

    Maybe you’ve been watching too much of Hannity’s drivel hour.

  • Ted

    This bu**sh** of a presidential campaign and the yellow journalism connected to it is the outright result of the abject partisanship and politics of personal destruction created by Newt Gingrich in the ’90s. He ought to get the ‘Il Duce’ treatment – and the media that promote his bu**sh** version of politics should be hanging up there with him!