Accuracy in Media

For the second week in a row, the publisher of a major newspaper has issued a letter to its readers promising that they will cover the Donald Trump presidency accurately and fairly. Last week it was The New York Times, this week it’s the Los Angeles Times:

We have just completed a historic presidential election, with major implications for the nation and our state. But for all of us — citizens and journalists alike — the next chapter of our history is now unfolding.

Throughout the campaign, the Los Angeles Times remained committed to fair and accurate coverage, while keeping our sights on the issues most important to our readers.

It is heartening that so many people, a record 9 million visits, turned to us on election day. We added 2,000 new digital subscribers that week. And thousands more signed up for a trial subscription on

Now that the election is history, we are redoubling our efforts to report on the Trump administration and California’s unique role in our nation. We are committed to covering the administration with rigor, accuracy and fairness.

We have been able to do this critical work with the support from our readers. Please consider subscribing now by clicking here.


Davan Maharaj
Editor-in-Chief and Publisher

These moves by two of the largest newspapers in the country are unprecedented and reflect the fact that the liberal media are feeling chastened after their overt effort to defeat Trump, which failed miserably and destroyed what remaining credibility they had.

While it’s encouraging to see these two liberal lions of the newspaper business profess a newfound commitment to honesty and accuracy in covering the new president, it’s really nothing more than window dressing in an attempt to regain their readers’ trust.

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  • AARGH63

    “Throughout the campaign, the Los Angeles Times remained committed to fair and accurate coverage…”

    OK, let’s review the LAT coverage of Bengazi, HRC’s emails & private server, the Clinton Foundation, HRC’s months of no press conferences, HRC disappearance from the campaign, etc.

  • Mark Midas

    What changes have been put in place to assure us that will be the case? And what (and why) is a “Davan Maharaj”? The La-la land Times should start by replacing him. I’ll read Taj Mahal News if crave such an ethnic viewpoint. I doubt the Maharishi is capable of vice versa as judged by the pulp that his Sodom and Gomorrah paper churns out routinely.

  • Esmee Phillips

    The way the LA Times is going, it may not outlive Trump’s second term.

    Among non-liberals in the Valley it is a joke. Downtown the increasingly Hispanic population does not read newspapers much (certainly not English-language ones) and is politically inactive anyhow.

    I would tip the Times to fail before its Noo Yawk namesake.

  • grayjohn

    That would be impressive if you jerks knew how.