Accuracy in Media

The Los Angeles Times is now offering a t-shirt that expresses the view of liberal journalists who feel slighted by the Trump administration.

According to the Times, the shirt’s slogan is an affirmation of the paper’s mission and was made for a limited-time subscription offer, not as a statement about the state of press relations with the Trump administration. But it was unveiled a few days early by editor-in-chief and publisher Davan Maharaj in a tweet after the paper was excluded from a White House press gaggle on Friday.

The tweet attracted enough attention that the Times decided to make the shirt available in their online store as well as offering it as a premium for people who subscribe on Monday and Tuesday.

Trump isn’t trying to shut the press out or shut them up as much as he is trying to eradicate the fake news about his administration. He is also trying to control the messaging, rather than leave it up to the liberal media.

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  • Mark Scott

    You don’t provide any evidence to support you conclusion about Trump’s motives – it is an unsupported opinion. How do you know what his goal is? Sean Spicer denied access to news outlets that have run stories disagreeing with the government. For example, they have pointed out that the President was inaccurate in his claims about(3 million) illegal immigrants voting for Hillary – there is no evidence to support his claim. They have pointed out that his claims about the day of his inauguration were inaccurate: that his audience was the largest ever and that it was sunny during his speech. In these cases and more like them, they are not reporting fake news. They are reporting what the facts show. It just happens that the President does not like the facts so he calls them fake news. You should be able to identify the difference as well or stop identifying yourself as a source that provides “accuracy in media.”

  • Mesa Mike

    Your last sentence says it all and says it well. Sadly the Los Angeles Times also owns the San Diego Union-Tribune. Frankly I don’t trust the newspaper’s ability to translate into all those languages; what a bunch of morons.