Accuracy in Media

The ever insightful crew On ABC’s The View tackled the subject of hair and makeup expenses for GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, giving Joy Behar another opportunity to mock a Republican.

Barbara Walters defended Bachmann, saying that she didn’t see anything wrong with her wanting to look good, sparking this exchange:

Behar:  Wait a minute.  This woman spends a fortune on hair and makeup and yet she’s so anti-gay, there is something wrong with that.  Who does she think is going to do her hair?

Walters:  There are a great many hair stylists and makeup people who are not gay.

Behar: Maybe she should pray the gray away.

The discussion was supposed to be about the amount of money Bachmann spent on hair and makeup, but Behar instead tried to turn it into a discussion of Bachmann’s views on gays as if the two were somehow related. To try and make her point Behar reiterated the stereotype that all hair stylists and makeup artists are gay, which fellow liberal Barbara Walters pointed out was not the case.

Behar tried to use what little comedic talent she has as a cover to attack Bachmann, but she was off target and off base as usual.

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  • Anthony Goodman

    Joy HaHa is nothing but an over-wrought, over-paid, over-weight big mouth, ultra -liberal with neither the education nor the intelligence to comment on anything even remotely important. I mean, com’on.
    You might as well quote a do-do bird.

  • gobnait

    When one repeatedly presents oneself as a shrill, mean-spirited, bitter, harsh, politically uninformed harpie whose mouth appears literally capable of swallowing a leg of lamb in one fell swoop, one is hardly in a position to cast stones. While I do not share many of Ms Bachmann’s views, she is an compassionate, highly capable woman of principle who has spent the greater portion of her life in service to children in crisis via foster care, her country and her faith all while raising FIVE children of her own. What has Ms. Behar done for humanity other than to practice so-called ‘comedy’ at the expense of others in order to line her own pockets? Act as the ‘face’ of charities? I know that she calls herself an animal activist. I wonder how many shelter cat litter boxes she’s cleaned out? Unspeakable hypocrisy at its finest.