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Jane Fonda doesn’t think much of CNN, or the potential acquisition of CNN parent company Time Warner by Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox.

Fonda, who was married to CNN founder Ted Turner for 10 years, told The Wrap that if Murdoch bought Time Warner it would be a “catastrophe:”

If that happens I’m going to be so angry at the FCC. They cannot let that happen. It’s no secret that Rupert uses his media outlets for political reasons. And he is not neutral. And he, you know, his news outlets do things that are unconscionable. And it just cannot happen that he becomes that much of a dominant force in American media

Murdoch, however, isn’t trying to gain control of CNN—he has already stated that he would sell the network to avoid regulatory concerns—but is instead after Time Warner’s other assets, like cable networks HBO, TBS and TNT, and the Warner Brothers movie studio. Combining those assets with those of 21st Century Fox would give Murdoch some of the heft his company is currently lacking, especially when it comes to sports programming.

As for the floundering CNN, Fonda said that the network is trying to “compete with stations that play to the lowest common denominator.” She added that she still watches the network, but it isn’t “where it used to be.”

That’s for sure. CNN, which was the first all-news television network in the world, has experimented with non-news programs in an attempt to revive its woeful ratings. The network has slipped from its former No. 1 perch to a lowly third place, and sometimes fourth place. Yet despite all the tinkering that the current CNN president Jeff Zucker has tried, it hasn’t moved the needle.

Murdoch is likely to increase his offer to buy Time Warner. If he does succeed, he will be left with trying to find a buyer for CNN, which won’t be easy given its current ratings status.

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  • Taurnil Oronar

    Yes Jane they are and that lowest common denominator? That would be you and those like you. To assert CNN is not currently politically lopsided using Rupert as a reasoning point demonstrates just how unconscionable you really are.

  • Steven Barrett

    By sharing some of Jane’s latest angst about the Candy-flavored Nodoze Network, otherwise commonly referred to as CNN, Don Irvine tosses a huge bucket full of ice water on all those who thought and still believe conservatives have no sense of humor. One wonders if the (Dowager) Lady Jane isn’t desperately pining for more “I-centered” publicity as to say, “Oh, I friends, I’m still around,” trying to get back into Ted Turner’s heart, or hoping she can create a newer “alternative” American character for “Downtown Abbey,” perhaps as the estranged wife of a divorced albeit avowed Brit socialist member of the House of Lords, Lord Dumbforlong. What a hit she’ll be at a Downtown Abbey gathering applauding all the other palatial homes’ destruction scenes as the fellow aristocratic families desperately try and meet their new jack up’d taxes gleefully imposed upon by the likes of Lady Jane n’ Lord Dumbforlong.

  • madhatter46

    Just go away Hanoi Jane–Ride off into the sunset-