Accuracy in Media

The Huffington Post, which was derided by some political observers when they decided to cover Donald Trump’s presidential campaign in its entertainment section last July, announced that they are reversing course and will now classify him as being political, following his remarks about Muslims this week. According to Arianna Huffington:

Our decision in July was made because we refused to go along with the idea, based simply on poll numbers, that Trump’s candidacy was actually a serious and good faith effort to present ideas on how best to govern the country. We continue to believe this to be true—and will continue to let it guide our coverage—but much has changed.

Yes, there was certainly no shortage of ugly comments from the beginning, as he kicked off his campaign with outrageous comments about Mexicans. But at first, this over-the-top xenophobia, though disgusting, played as the sour shtick of a washed-up insult comic. Now that Trump, aided by the media, has doubled down on the cruelty and know-nothingness that defined his campaign’s early days, the ‘can you believe he said that?’ novelty has curdled and congealed into something repellent and threatening—laying bare a disturbing aspect of American politics.

We believe that the way we cover the campaign should reflect this shift. And part of that involves never failing to remind our audience who Trump is and what his campaign really represents.

The reversal corrects an editorial decision that made HuffPo a source of ridicule as Trump continued to draw large crowds at campaign events and led virtually every Republican candidate poll since he announced he was running for president, proving that he had far more staying power than Huffington had hoped.

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  • Solution1776

    You can’t stump the Trump. TRUMP/CRUZ 2016!!!

  • Webuppp

    Will we as American as ever get to a place where we understand it,s us against them? Do we really need another event like a 911 to unite? We see how long that lasted. America is still a sovereign nation. Which means we control who comes in. Why on earth would you let the neighborhood bully come thru the gate of your backyard, especially if you know he,s been looking for you? He,s told people he doesn,t like you, and wants to punch you in the mouth? Repeatedly. You,d have to be an idiot, or a progessive democratic Marxist

  • Steven Barrett

    Are you out of your minds? What price security? If it’s your freedoms, you don’t deserve security or freedom. Trump’s no longer “entertaining” because the real Ugly Donald is oozing out of him like oil from a car’s motor that just blew a rod. If you want to pick up the mess, remember it might not be black, but red. Going along with his fascist, anti-Christian and anti-American ideas won’t do a damn thing to secure our freedoms and liberties here or abroad. Mr. Trump’s Ugly American personna and ideas will succeed in putting a bullseye on every American abroad. THINK, act then pray. Don’t worry, God will understand the sequence.

  • Hambone

    If HuffyPoe were here in the Jimmuh Years, they would surely have supported President Carter’s rousting and deporting of Iranian students following the US Embassy takeover.

    Following 35 years of brainwashing, today all a neo-commie ‘bot need know is Republican Bad, Democrat Good!

    Animal Farm, Brave New World, 1984…we were warned.