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On his final appearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources, host Howard Kurtz exposed the mainstream media’s bias in favor of pro-choice politicians, during a brief commentary on Democratic Texas state senator Wendy Davis. She is the person who staged an 11-hour filibuster last week that successfully prevented the Texas Senate from passing a tough anti-abortion law.

kurtz on wendy davisKurtz noted that after her performance, the media rushed to embrace Davis and made the backbench senator a media star.

While Kurtz thought Davis’ performance was an impressive physical feat, he questioned whether the media would have done the same had she been a pro-lifer arguing against a pro-abortion bill.

But I have to ask, if Wendy Davis had been conducting a lonely filibuster against abortion rights, would the media have celebrated her in quite the same way?

The answer, as Kurtz knows, is an emphatic no. Davis is only a media darling because of her pro-abortion views. Had she been a conservative, pro-lifer, she would have been either ridiculed or ignored.

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  • Richard Hellstrom

    Looks like the American movement is leading toward public eugenics. Your government has introduced a Black Operational government into our system of government and it’s political manifestations have continued to evolve around a social nomenclature of class warfare. I think Davis will continue to lean toward the voters and our advancing political agendas and not the media.

    Lawmakers ask if taxes fund abortion; Planned Parenthood targeted in inquiry – By Cheryl Wetzstein —The Washington Times
    Planed Parenthood and Population Council under investigation.( Quoted Print )
    Last year (Monday, February 25, 2013 ), Planned Parenthood performed a record 333,964 abortions and received a record $542 million in federal funding — up 11 percent since 2011, Mr. Vitter said.