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If Donald Trump needs a new nickname for Hillary Clinton, he might want to consider calling her “Hypocritical Hillary,” after the Democratic presidential frontrunner turned down an invitation from Fox News to debate Bernie Sanders. She said that she wants to concentrate on campaigning in California, despite saying in 2008 that anyone running for president should be willing to “debate anytime, anywhere.”

CBS News congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes addressed Clinton’s struggles with Bernie Sanders, and her debate hypocrisy, today on CBS This Morning:

“Hillary Clinton can’t shake Sanders, who predicted Monday that this year’s convention could get messy and urged her to debate him ahead of the California primary. The Clinton campaign said no dice, arguing, ‘Hillary Clinton’s time is best spent campaigning and meeting directly with voters across California and preparing for a general election campaign.'”

“I was disturbed but not surprised to hear a few hours ago that Secretary Clinton has backed out of the debate,” Sanders said to a crowd of supporters at a rally in Santa Monica, California.

The 2016 version of presidential candidate Clinton has conveniently forgotten what the 2008 version said when she was running against Barack Obama. Cordes noted how the 2008 Hillary sounded a lot like Sanders does today:

“It’s the toughest job in the world. You should be willing to campaign for every vote, you should be willing to debate anytime, anywhere.”

That was when Hillary thought she had nothing to lose by engaging in more debates with Obama, but the opposite is true today. The Clinton campaign sees every debate with Sanders as something that can only hurt her campaign, as she prepares to do battle with Donald Trump for the White House.

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  • Mesa Mike

    What? No Telemundo debate?

  • Bertharina Rina


    It is impossible to know anything about one’s conscious understanding and reactions unless the following question is posed, Do you know who you are? Here lies the issue in trying to govern one’s self, much less accepting an opponents view. Democrat. Besiide this inquiry is less. republican. Both double-jointed Homo Sapiens gather the self-sane presumption, two opposites, use Gerrymander in attempting to force govern select fools; that all-in-all, through deception, presume to be decent in the serving the total idea of national government. CONFEDERATED RASCALS!

    Many people, humanoids or politicians, spend their whole feather-bedding careers with out actually understanding the psychosis of a non-governing perception that turns them on. This aristocratic class gets lost through an official one-ring carpet bagging royal circus, as robots of leisure at tax payer’s expense; life moves on in bowing down to a supposed government that has never existed. BUDGET. This monetary rule is actually the governing unit over mankind since the beginning of civilizations– learning the method to be ruled, or to be ruled over, by their tribal nations, and chattel slavery’s existence and struggle through ions of time were during an an ancient struggle. KINDLY-DO THESE CREATURES KNOW NOW, AS WHO OR WHAT THEY MISTAKENLY HOLD IN ESTEEM SINCE ADAM DUG AN ENCLAVE FROM THE NEAREST HILL SIDE?

    Incidentally, in the abstract no reasonable explanation can be discovered regarding true rule by the few when robbery by one class takes the liberty to cove their tracks. Now this system is democrat/republican fronting for the budget rule. From Pharaoh of Egypt unto the many judges and kings over ancient Canaan and from thence to all Presidents of our United States absolutely reverses Adam’s passing to all mankind free speech. We have thought control in America; and even in the beginning of Genesis, ( Bible ), we find no evidence of a sustained government-something to think about. Christ recognized no formal government. Like said, no governments–organized brutality! All mischief and plunder under political prostitution!