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Hillary Clinton’s newest book, Stronger Together, has become a major flop, with sales of just 2,912 copies according to Nielsen Bookscan.

The sales are particularly disappointing since Clinton and her running mate, Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA), have been promoting the book on the campaign trail—a strategy that obviously hasn’t worked.

According to The New York Times, first-week-sales typically account for roughly one-third of total sales, thanks to the initial publicity blitz that accompanies book launches. By comparison, Clinton’s 2014 memoir Hard Choices sold 85,000 copies in its first week of release, and just 280,000 total.

Simon and Schuster lost a bundle on that book after giving Clinton an advance of $14 million.

Clinton’s book sales pale when compared to Barack Obama’s The Audacity of Hope, which sold an average of 35,000 copies a week while he was running against Clinton in 2008. Sarah Palin, who was Senator John McCain’s (R-AZ) running mate in 2008, sold a whopping 469,000 copies of her book, Going Rogue: An American Life, a year after she and McCain lost the election.

The Clinton campaign has been struggling with a lack of enthusiasm from Democrats. The poor sales of her latest book only underscore just how unexcited they are about her candidacy.

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  • newsel

    Read the 5 Star reviews on Amazon – hilarious … Stronger-Together-Hillary- Rodham-Clinton/dp/1501161733/ ref=cm_rdp_product

  • Steven Barrett

    Sigh. Don’t Republicans publish their share of campaign distillation of talking points in book form for their volunteers to use and share with people? It was never intended to be anything but this kind of book, just as some of Bernie Sanders’ weren’t. (The book that helped him get going was the transcript of his famous filibuster of 2010, published a full five years before finally deciding to enter the race. And his purpose in doing so was to shed light on what Wall Street and the oligarchic forces are doing to our economy.

    Clinton’s book is a campaign tool, not meant to be anything else any more than what Republicans have published, and some of them were trotted out with all the usual celeb treatment … and most of them were predictable bombs. Look, if you want to really find a book worth criticizing and taking it apart chapter by chapter, hell, paragraph by paragraph and sentence by sentence, just take a gander at The Donald’s pulp fiction, something to do about the nation being crippled. Hell, I won’t give it the honor or publishing its real title, or add to it save for saying, he doesn’t help his cause against well justified criticisms of having a terminal case of vanity in spades and on roids. Even Hillary’s not so vain to believe this book of her’s and Kaine’s going to blow all the “best seller” stats. It’s just a campaign aid. Not so with The Donald’s pulp fiction, worthy only for burning.

  • Excuse me

    Strange. Conservative authors sell hundreds of thousand of books. EACH OF O’REILLY’S “killing” series has sold over one million copies. Liberals often wash out with mediocre sales, and the NY Times book reviewers offering breathless reviews of the poorly selling stuff.

  • Steven Barrett

    O’Reilly’s recent books have been good interesting reads and I particularly enjoy reading his book about the founding fathers. But even Bill O’Reilly isn’t making any pretense of writing a policy, bullet point type of presentation in his recent history books. Trump’s book, however even differs from O’Reilly’s more politicized books where he sets out to discuss a portion of the political menu of the day, say, education or defense and he sticks to that. Trump’s book was nothing but junior high school level nonsense, written by the kind of guy who’d be saying, Ya gotta buy my book, you gotta in a damn near begging tone, as if he didn’t have the bucks to back his losses. That “Crippled” or whatever book he just published crippled his credibility as a writer, if indeed he actually wrote more than a few sentences.
    You’re not even being fair to Bill O’Reilly to compare any of his books to the junior high school level drivel put out by the Dumpter

  • You present a truly weak and lame defense of the Hildabeeste’s pathetic ghost-written screed. Go get a job and see what it’s like in the real world.

  • Steven Barrett

    I used to be a freelancer, newspaper editor, columnist … yeah so I kinda know how to write. But I’m not going to flog anybody, even Bill O’Reilly whom I mentioned before in what you called my “lame” post. Like I said, it’s past 12:30 a.m. Mercy!

  • Deplorable Me

    Any book by Hillary would need to be placed in the fiction section.

  • Mark Eibner

    LOL–do dought