Accuracy in Media

Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton warned Twitter trolls who have been mocking her post-election activities of walking in the woods and blaming everyone but herself for losing the election—she’s coming for them—according to The New York Post.

Clinton made her remarks at Ms. Magazine’s Gloria Awards Wednesday at Capitale in New York City:

“There are moments when just reading the news or scrolling through Twitter can be so depressing.”

“But I just want all of those Twitter trolls out there to know .?.?. Maybe if you had left us alone we might have gone out longer in the woods for those walks .?.?. We’re coming back at you.”

Maybe if she had been a better candidate and didn’t take states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin for granted, and hadn’t said that half of Trump’s supporters belong in a “basket of deplorables,” she would be in the White House today.

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  • Jonathan Schearer

    Please Hillary……please come back at us. Your scary rhetorical skills have us shaking. Are you going to label Winnie the Pooh a hate symbol next?

  • mioahu

    OMG, everybody’s shaking in their boots… will we get to hear her bark again ? I really miss her wardrobe, evil grandmother from the Communist Empire… it is hilarious how the lefties are all up in arms about Russia, when it’s them, the left, who have always cozied up to communists all over the world. Just goes to prove they have no principles, and their ideology is contradictory and goes with whatever suits their whim of the day…that’s why they can’t debate and are lightweights, it’s hard to keep up with all the contradictory made up lies

  • mark

    There is just so much evidence of how corrupt she is, that its amazing how many actually voted for her… unless of course her corruption is no problem to the sort of character they themselves have.

  • BeeBee.BeeLeaves

    Full of thyself. Delusions of grandeur.

  • Sparkler

    Exactly…It isn’t just our political establishment that is corrupt…It extends to the minds and hearts of all those who love the corruption…practically the entire society of judgmental, haughty, and dead-brained USA.

  • Thade Shinzon

    how many award shows for elitist useless american women are there

  • lildoggy4u

    I’ll be joining her for the payback.