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At the end of his show last night, Sean Hannity told his viewers that his show will be returning to the 9 p.m. timeslot starting Sept. 25 to make room for Laura Ingraham’s new show, which will debut at the end of October.

Hannity said he was very happy about the move and looked forward to beating what he called “Conspiracy Theory TV.”

“All of my career, I always started behind the eight ball. In the month of August, for example, we were No. 2 in cable because for some bizarre reason, conspiracy theory TV is working right now.”

Hannity was referring to MSNBC, whose ratings have surged thanks in part to the lineup changes at Fox after they fired Bill O’Reilly and that, led by Rachel Maddow, have become the anti-Trump news network.

“But with your help- you help us spread the word, give us a little time, we’re planning on being No. 1 with your help.”

He finished off the segment by congratulating Ingraham for joining the primetime lineup, which has lost ground to MSNBC in the last few months while praising his current colleagues Tucker Carlson and Martha MacCallum for the jobs they’ve done.

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  • tkrepel

    Not gonna mention that Hannity traffics in conspiracy theories (birtherism, Seth Rich, etc.) to a much greater extent than MSNBC, and that it’s utterly ridiculous to him to bash others as “conspiracy theory TV”? Seems relevant.

  • Gz7

    How do you think Seth Rich died?

  • I think he was murdered by the Clinton Machine!

  • Mike S.

    MSNBC is Sesame Street for Peter Pan socialists.

  • John T. Koszalka

    I cannot wait till the ATTORNEY GENERAL brings all these people in under oath, and in a public hearing. They already got LYNCH, and POWERS wondering when the hammer will drop. God Bless President Trump. God Bless America.

  • Richard Wittauer

    I’m just waiting for the day that the SWAMP is cleaned up all of the way.

  • Cheh Low

    All I can say to people in the country is not to watch MSNBC. Then this fake and anti-Trump’s news network will died.

  • rightsright

    Or Obama, his list is long since no one is to get close to the truth about who Obama is or anything about him from birth to now!

  • rightsright

    Hannity is telling truth but if you watch MSNBC you get brainwashed so you believe the opposite of truth!

  • kunling

    Ah, yes, it would appear that they both have somehow managed to have gotten their udders securely stuck in the wringer. If justice is served, they both will be making little ones outta big ones in a place like Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary.

  • kunling

    You need to step away from the MSNBC Kool-Aid. What Hannity said is true, ohomo NEVER revealed a valid birth certificate. The one on the internet was proven forensically to be a cut and paste forgery. Additionally, onumbnuts used a fraudulent Social Security number and a fraudulent Selective Service number. My guess is that Seth Rich was murdered on a DNC contract like Andrew Breitbart was murdered on contract from the minions of the half-black communist empty suit squatting in the WH since Andrew was about to “vet” the illegal charlatan. Folks, we had an ineligible, illegal crook besmirching the Oval Office for eight long miserable years.

  • Woodmaven

    Yes,like HHS head price spending $300,000 on chartered aircraft…including a 20? Minute flight to Philadelphia…my tax dollars…he is now part of the swamp

  • John T. Koszalka

    I believe their waiting till they get out the hold overs from the LIAR IN CHIEF OBAMAS ADMINISTRATION. The DEMO-RATS continue to play games with the PRESIDENT’S appointments. When the HAMMER FALLS IT’S GOING TO BE A HELL OF A SHOW.

  • gobrien

    Fox is forcing it’s talk show hosts, analysts, newscasters, etc., to lean left. That is why Fox is losing audience.

  • tkrepel

    Actually, Obama released two valid birth certificates — only Obama-deranged conspiracy theorists like yourself refuse to recognize that.

  • tkrepel

    Hannity is pushing speculation and lies about Seth Rich and Obama’s birth certificate. Looks like you’re the one who got brainwashed.

  • rightsright

    Not conspiracy theory but fact! Show me where I can find a “raised seal” certified copy of Obama’s’s birth certificate that Gov. Abacombrie said he would find but could not!

  • kunling

    It boggles the mind to realize there are people such as yourself who, regardless of whatever is presented, you continue to support the most incompetent, dishonest, corrupt, treasonous, anti-American asswipe communist empty suit EVER to illegally roost in the WH. I can only surmise that all those adjectives also apply to you. I guess your have nothing to say about the fraudulent use of Social Security and Selective Service data, both of which are felonies.

  • tkrepel

    All I see from you is empty, pathological hatred with no evidence whatsoever to back it up. You seem to be in dire need of psychiatric help. Why don’t you go find some before you come back here and spew even more hate?

  • kunling

    I’ve made the same observation about all you left-wing commies/fascists/regressives/dumbocraps. Nothing but vitriol and lies since reality doesn’t fit your warped ideology. Yes, I do hate all you anti-American, unpatriotic communist Arschlöcher. You are all beyond psychiatric assistance. Your only salvation is a rubber room in the nearest nuthouse.

  • John Higgins

    It’s incredible that many of the special interest groups have attained such power that they can influence most of the news networks. This is the way great democracies can fail and have. We the people must be vigilant like we were when we chose President Donald Trump.

  • Sally Sue

    Unfortunately, I am not sure it will ever happen. Just don’t hold your breath!!!!!

  • John T. Koszalka

    They will drop the hammer, but first let them sweat—- BUSINESS AS USUAL IS OVER.

  • fiorimagliulo

    Let me just say that anyone who watches Rachel Madcow, oops I mean Maddow must be out of their cotton picking mind. She is the author of all fake news. I don’t think she has ever told the truth since she started her show.