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Greta Van Susteren, who abruptly left Fox News last September after 14 years at the network, appeared on the Rachel Maddow Show on Thursday, appealing to her Fox fans to follow her over to her new MSNBC show, which starts airing on Monday evening.

“I think that the MSNBC audience is going to like me. I hope the Fox audience comes over here,” Van Susteren told  Maddow. “I want to do a good job for MSNBC. I want to do a good job so you’re proud of me, my colleagues are proud of me and most of all I want to do a good job for the viewers.”

That’s all well and good, but will the same type of guests that appeared on Van Susteren’s Fox show appear on her MSNBC show?

“Do you think those Republican connections that you made, the Republican guests you’ve been able to book, up to and including the President-elect, do you think they will still want to talk to you over here?” Maddow asked.

“I certainly hope so. I think they’re going to come over here. I’m going to give them a fair shake, I’ll give Republicans a fair shake, I’ll give Democrats a fair shake.” she replied.

Van Susteren, who spent 10 years at CNN before bolting to Fox News, is certainly the type of “name” that NBC News chairman Andrew Lack has been seeking to bolster the MSNBC lineup. Her more right-leaning viewers will likely be a stumbling block in building an audience at a network where the liberal viewpoint dominates.

Just like with her former colleague Megyn Kelly, who announced this week that she was leaving Fox News for NBC, any expectation that a significant number of Fox News viewers will abandon the conservative network to follow either Kelly or Van Susteren to their new homes should be immediately dismissed, as television viewers are creatures of habit and are far more likely to stay put and watch their replacements.

In the case of Van Susteren, her replacement, Tucker Carlson, has vastly improved on her ratings—so much so that he will now replace Megyn Kelly in the coveted 9 p.m. prime time slot—while Martha MacCallum takes over at 7 p.m., as Fox continues to draw from a very deep bench.

Carlson may not achieve Kelly-like ratings, but he will be a solid performer with a lead-in from Bill O”Reilly, and will be followed by Sean Hannity.

Van Susteren’s return to television is more like a comedown than a comeback, considering that she will now be working for the No. 3 cable news network, which will probably only fall further behind Fox News now that the election is over.

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  • bobthemoronsp

    That ain’t gonna happen.

  • Lee

    Will never watch MSNBC….bye, Greta…you may get lonely…

  • Raul

    Not gonna watch. Bye, bye Gretta.

  • Morgan O’Rourke

    Sorry Greta, not gonna happen. I actually enjoyed your show on Fox. But under no circumstances will I ever tune into MSLSD. Goodbye.

  • OutOfTheirSkulls

    I’ll NEVER watch anything; and I mean ANYTHING that “NBC” has any association with,,,, NEVER !!!!!!

  • thinkings

    We need knowledgeable, honest reporters helping us to stay informed. Has Greta been among them? Patriotic Americans who believe in democracy and government of the people, by the people, and for the people, will have to be more on their guard than ever because of those about to take over our federal government. The majority of American voters – by the millions – voted against Trump. Yet Conflict-of-Interest Trump is taking over the federal government, along with his collection of billionaire buddies, white supremacists (racists), ignoramuses, haters of women (misogynists), corporate haters of working people, Putin lovers, family members (nepotism, which is illegal!) and other sycophants. Will Greta help her listeners keep current with threats to our democracy from our own federal government?

  • Wayne Michaels

    LOL. You ARE living in a fantasy, you just won’t admit it.

  • thinkings

    What fantasy? That Greta will be a source of accurate political information useful to patriotic Americans in dealing with the incoming federal government of special interests of the rich and infamous?

  • followthetruth

    Greta, best of luck! We have missed you on Fox. We won’t tune to any NBC stations, but I don’t blame you for using your talent. I hope and pray you can make a difference there! And, I HOPE you don’t join them in their treatment of the great working class of this nation! Again, best of luck!

  • Jeff Gauthier

    not even the NBC comedies and sports??

  • Jeff Gauthier

    Not even NBC sports or movies or comedies??? Does Faux news and fox sports give you enough entertainment??

  • followthetruth

    Patriotic Americans? You mean the “deplorable” who work everyday, pay their taxes, obey the laws (many we don’t agree with, but don’t throw childish tantrums)….those patriots? Wow, yes, your attitude is what made people vote for Trump. Keep it up and you will drive more to Trump.

  • thinkings

    Those who voted for Trump include a great variety of Americans, some of whom undoubtedly fit your description, and for whom I am sorry because they have been misled by Trump and will soon be harmed by his administration. Patriotic Americans include all those who want to see our nation behave humanely toward all, with real concern for their welfare – as expressed in our U.S. Constitution (general welfare clause) and interpreted by our U.S. Supreme Court –

  • followthetruth

    I don’t get much “entertainment” from any of these things you speak of. If you do, great for you. I don’t make fun of you for it. I have many avenues for what I do with my time, and your comments are very sad to me. There are a few venues I partake in, and just because you think they aren’t appropriate, doesn’t make you right, nor do you know ANYTHING about me.

  • followthetruth

    Truly? Let’s see, the last 8 years have seen the rich get richer than EVER, the banks get bigger, with many community banks that help small businesses being put out of doing business, with new laws putting taxpayers on the hook for bailouts for sure. That’s really looking out for the real welfare of “the people”. And general welfare doesn’t mean a nation BORROWING TRILLIONS to hand out to millions of people. It was certainly never meant to be a PERMANENT paycheck as you seem to insinuate.

  • thinkings

    You are describing the Republican version of welfare – corporate welfare. We will see it further implemented ASAP by them, given that mainly billionaires will be calling the shots in the coming administration.

  • followthetruth

    Republicans have NOT been in charge for the last 8 years. You are entitled to your opinion, but not your facts. Our government was based on everyone having a chance to succeed if they want to, but it was never meant to steal one man’s labor to give to another. If you feel that way, please lead by example. Sell all you have and give to the poor. Unlock your doors, let anyone who wishes to come in and take what you have, to do it. There are times my neighbor may need help. We have always done that. That is meant to help one back on their feet. It seems you believe it’s a PERMANENT situation. It is abhorrent to put our citizens IN DEBT FOR LIFE to support this dream of socialism or communism many have these days.

  • thinkings

    Speaking of facts – you apparently are incapable of speaking that language – you indulge in so many contrary-to-fact assertions. FDR was neither a socialist nor a communist, and neither are Bernie supporters or other Democrats who value FDR and Eleanor Roosevelt’s ideals now. People such as yourself have no desire to engage in informed civil dialogue but prefer to falsely characterize the humane goals of those you disagree with, willing to falsify anything in any way that momentarily occurs to you, just like Trump and his mob. Democracy is in trouble, and will be at risk more and more with every day that the Trump power grab is in operation.

  • thinkings

    Republican Mitch McConnell has been the majority leader in the Senate for most of the 8 years. His announced main objective was to prevent a second term for Obama. Failing that, he simply continued to lead the Just Say No Republicans to prevent serious work for the American people. Biased selection of facts is the same as lying – a skill Trumpsters have perfected.

  • sadie lady

    Think you may be wrong on that as his cherished polls show him now lower than GW departure. Many of the voters are waking up & wish they could take vote back.
    Which I think is 1 of the reason why Trump keeps have fits. He hates that he didnt win Popular vote & many dislike him emencly, think he is unfit to be president. He hates being not liked and reason for his name calling, saying how bad those who dislike him are. He IS an adult that is thin skinned, spoiled, I’ll mannered boy-adult that lies at a drop of a hat and thinks nothing of it.. He said he would keep the popular parts of ACA. Last night during a “Vote-a-rama” Republicans, VOTED 1 by 1 to Kill kids staying on parents Ins until age of 26, Killed pre existing conditions, killed, Children’s Ins program KILLED(good thing Republicans love kids, meaning love only their own) Killed lowering Drug prices.. All this will lead to the privatizing Social Security. So they will put in a Voucher program (if you get cancer or any other costly disease & it goes over say $ now comes out of your pocket.Prescription drugs will go sky high (they are now)..out of your pocket. ALL Trump promised were a lie. So many DRANK Trumps KOOL Aid, just like JimJones followers, Trump will be the death of many of his followers..Sad thing, we will have to wait many years to fix the Damage he’s done/will do..

  • followthetruth

    I’m supposed to trust POLLS? Wow!

  • ashley lee

    Ha! I got the joke. Sorry it was wasted on your antagonistic respondent.

  • Tom365

    I liked Greta’s show and did watch it daily but I flat out refuse to watch any other network but Fox News and Fox Business.

    I don’t trust the other networks at all as their news is biased. Not even Fox News is safe from bias. During the GOP primary and the 2016 election, I stopped watching almost all Fox News shows except Fox and Friends and Hannity and Greta because Fox News promoted RINOs like Rubio, Bush etc and ignored or trashed non-RINOS like Trump and Rand Paul.

    Too bad Greta could not have gotten a job at OAN because then Fox news viewer who dumped O’Reilly to watch OAN Graham Ledger and watched OAN The Tipping Point instead of then Megyn Kelly/Fox….would have no trouble tuning into an OAN Greta Van Susteran show.