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The New York Daily News is stirring up plenty of controversy today with its cover that labels the National Rifle Association’s executive director, Wayne LaPierre, as much of a terrorist as the shooters in the San Bernardino attack and the gunmen behind other mass shootings.

The cover, which features San Bernardino gunman Syed Farook and talks about his apparent Isamic radicalization, also includes pictures of the gunmen behind the Colorado Springs, Sandy Hook, Charleston and Aurora tragedies. LaPierre is there along with the others, with the text saying that the others are enabled by “the NRA’s sick gun jihad against America in the name of profit.”

While the  liberal media have never tried to hide their disdain for the NRA, the Daily News’ accusation is beyond ridiculous, as it equates someone who has been defending Americans’ right to own a gun for protection with people like Farook, who wanted to kill Americans in what was apparently a real act of jihad.

Even notorious anti-gunner and billionaire businessman Michael Bloomberg  hasn’t gone that far.

This isn’t really anything new for The Daily News though, as they called LaPierre the “Craziest  Man on Earth” after the Sandy Hook shootings and less than two weeks ago referred to him as “Jihad Wayne,” underscoring their inability to look at the issue of gun control in a reasoned manner.

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  • Fritz

    I think that Wayne LaPierre has reasonable grounds to sue the N.Y Daily news for slander, libel, or defamation of character. To equate defending a constitutional right that many U.S citizens enjoy to defend themselves, loved ones, or their property from violent criminals with supporting terrorist is vicious and deranged. The gun grabbers Left can’t convince enough legislators in enough states, and congress, to go along with repealing or amending the second amendment so they resort to character assassination of those that defend it. The fact that most of these mass shootings, including Fort Hood I and II, and the D.C Naval Yard, take place most often in the gun free zones that they champion, seems to evade them. Every country that went on a gun grabbing spree with the firearms of private citizens ended up with double digit increases in armed robbery, home invasions, rape, and murder. The U.S and other countries with high rates of private firearms ownership either have low crime rates or dropping crime rates. John Lott has documented this in very well articulated detail, with rational arguments, and I have yet to see a coherent and logically based rebuttal from the gun grabbing side proving the contrary.

  • John Cunningham

    OK! Two can play at that game. If all this BS Liberals are spouting since the massacre in San Bernadino also on that list should be Barack Obama. He has done more to spread radical jihad than Isis. He refused to stop the revolution in Iran in 2009. He left Assad in power to slaughter over 240,000 Syrians. He made Egypt and Libya unstable and bloody. Obama has blood on his hands.

  • Steven Barrett

    Gotta love it, Archie Bunker’s own fav fishwrap’s giving it to LaPierre and the NRA right below the solar plexus where it hurts. To try and get his attention by rolling it to whack him upside the head might not succeed either. There has to be something there, too. You’d need a chest x-ray to see if there’s anything ticking behind his left ribcage.
    Hell, what’s left to say about a Republican Senate with little or no commonsense when it comes to putting public safety over the desires of one of their constituents, the National Rifle Association. Even “charitable educational” outfits like the NRA are “people my friends,” just like corporations and in the mindsets of today’s GOP “leaders,” well we all know what kind of “people” count for more than others.

    What price shame for the timidity all but one Republican Senators put on display for the world to see, especially ISIS. BTW Mr. Cunningham, while Obama has made his mistakes since the so-called “Arab Spring” began, he wasn’t in San Bernardino and his fingers weren’t on the triggers. The killers’ fingers were: Not Obama’s. The Republican Senators committed a terrible moral and politcal blunder last Thursday . . . but were their fingers on those rifles used by the killers in California? Of course not. But Wayne LaPierre sure has a HELL of a lot to answer for going well back before ISIS was even formed.
    Nobody objects to private ownership of firearms if the buyers and owners aren’t considered dangerous enough to wind up on a red-flag list. But it stands to reason that if states are allowed to impose reasonable restrictions on people who have extensive bad driving records, esp. driving under the influence, why the big stink over having one more paper filled out, one more signature (under oath) put on a legal document attesting to the veracity and mental health of the fire arms permit applicant.
    Oh I get it: It might cull the number of legally eligible buyers down considerably and we can’t let public safety get in the way of making enormous blood profits. Yes, the blood libel is all yours GOP. All yours. And how are you going to feel when some of you take a gander at a photo of a young child gunned down by some nutjob who never should’ve been able to purchase such a weapon that resulted in this child’s death in the first place. Nice blood libel you’ve earned for yourself. That’s right, Righties, what the far Right has earned for you too unless you do nothing. In that case, you’ve truly earned it for yourselves just like LaPierre, the NRA and his pals on Capitol Hill and in state houses across the land. Proud of yourselves … Well punks, are you?

  • Robert Johnson

    Don’t know where you live Steve but I live on the Mexican border. Look south to see what disarming a populace is all about. The government and the criminals are the only ones who have guns and the killing is rampant. Your blather is typical of someone who practices willful blindness to our current reality. Having been in combat I have no desire to be back in it without a weapon. You can be the sheep in the mall when it happens again..and it will….me, I want to be able to put a couple shots center mass! By the way..when it does happen again look around and get behind me..I’ll try to keep you from getting slaughtered too.

  • Austinniceguy

    You runny ass*ole. I’m sure you’re one of the idiots who supports Hitlery bringing in 10’s of thousands of those savage animal “refugees” into our country and NOT put their names on a registry EVEN THOUGH we’ve been told there is NO WAY of running adequate background checks on them. Your ranting is just as delusional as Hitlery’s and equally dangerous. Thank God she’s going around poisoning her own campaign. You need to crawl back under your rock and stay there.

  • Gringo_Cracker

    The NYDN provides a public service by revealing just how venal and unhinged Leftists truly are. Thanks, STASI!

  • oat21

    If anyone should be called a terrorists it should be the NYDN, I’m surprised they don’t have terrorists doing their editorials…. What a moronic rag left wing progressive piece of garbage…

  • Ted

    The NRA is pathological … a cult … a gang whose behavior will undoubtedly get worse and worse as the violence that their precious guns foment gets worse and worse. Apparently, to them, it’s 1881 and the whole country is nothing but a big version of Tombstone.

  • Elmer Fredrick

    The N Y Daily News is a SHIT paper not even good for CAT LITTER, the entire paper is COMPRISED OF Obama BOOT LICKERS

  • reason1984

    Time to stop the hand wringing and whining.

    Sue the bejezuz out of ’em.

  • jackoooo

    Daily News is saying this for PROFIT.

  • jackoooo

    The unvetted Muslims were not NRA members!

  • hap46

    Keep attacking the conservatives. This article will up Trump’s lead by a higher percentage. The N.Y. Daily news just contributed to Trump’s campaign in a big way by attacking the NRA, an organization upholding an American the right to bear arms (Second Amendment). To prove I’m sane, I do support that only “special” permits be given regarding assault rifles. These are getting into the wrong hands as we can see in the last decades.

  • wyatt81

    They are out of their collective minds. I would even say the Daily News are aiders and abettors of Islamic jihad with their incredibly stupid and slanderous attitudes and comments.

  • Steven Barrett

    LOL, I’d hate for anybody to run into Austinebadguy. “Hitlery?” The last time there was any refugee dispute regarding Hitler was during the years leading up to our entry into WWII on this very day in ’41; and this involved the blatently anti-Semitic footdragging by Breckingridge Long, a high level State Dept. pro-WASP, anti-immigrant SOB who disgraced his country by effectively using his dictats on how many Jews (who posed no threats to the US then, any more than Syrian grannies plus their infant grandchildren today) which in the end became death sentences for the Jews who otherwise qualified. You want a return to those policies? How many Syrian civilians’ blood do you want to have on your hands if they could’ve been spare the fate of Assad’s grotesquely inhumane “barrel bombing” tactics?

  • Steven Barrett

    I live in the northeast where there’s plenty of crime; a lot of it committed by good ol wholesome Americans with deep roots in their local communities. If you buy into the bullshit that only a gun in the hands of a good guy can stop a bad guy with evil intentions, perhaps you should share your wisdom with the family of the police officer who lost his life bravely defending the people inside the Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado. Like the officer, I also oppose abortion, but it’s hard as hell to miss the pathetic poignancy of this man’s death, not to mention the irony of him going into that clinic to save lives from a viscious killer who sure as hell looked as if he wanted to be the next John Brown for the prolife movement. Brown was a disgraceful mass killer in Kansas and had he succeeded in Harper’s Ferry, God knows what butchery he would’ve committed and made the eventual job of having to put the slaveocracy in its place all the more costly than it already became five years later. This is what we’re coming to if we’re not careful and sane enough to say enough’s enough to the gun-first, thinking second “mentality” that seems to be overtaking much of this country.
    I used to be in law enforcement, too. So I know more than a mere bit of what I’m talking about and lived in both the northeast and attended college in southern Florida (Miami-Dade, where in fact, armed hold-ups of a Seven-Eleven across the street from the nearby county substation was part of the deal of living in the beautiful sunny Sunbelt.

  • D. G. Williams

    I’m thankful you are no longer in law enforcement. You are a sanctimonious jerk who pretends to know what is best for all of us. You sit in judgement of others knowing nothing about them. Take time to look in the mirror.

  • D. G. Williams

    Remember many of these anti-constitutional Americans who disagree with law abiding citizens owning guns often have something in common. Obama and family are constantly guarded by heavily armed body guards; our Mayors, Governors, and elite citizens have armed body guards. These people ride around town in private limos (Hillary Clinton has not driven a car in over 20 years and is always accompanied by armed guards). People who live in Manhattan have a police officer on nearly every corner. There are many of us who live in suburban or rural areas where the nearest police officer may be far away and could never get to us in time to protect us. How many of anti-gun politicians have to walk the streets at night to and from a bus stop? How many of them live in violent neighborhoods and have to walk to a little store to shop and hope they are not mugged before getting back home. Every thug on the street is armed and don’t forget it. Every day I read of some hard working person at a convenience store being shot dead trying to earn money to feed his family. Home invasions are happening more often. When the elite and violent thugs get rid of their guns and guards, I’ll get rid of my gun.

  • Kathleen3

    I would suggest the NY Daily News publish an edition that features the names, faces and ethnicity of the hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who have murdered, killed, raped and assaulted thousands of innocent Americans.

    The back page should feature a photo of Obama and the names of the 535 elected officials, Obama’s department heads and the majority of mayors and police chiefs across the country. I would suggest the NYDN draw dripping blood around the entire perimeter of the page.

  • Kathleen3

    The only person who profited from the contents of this vulgar and crass NYDN is Donald Trump. There are as many people who want to annihilate MSM as there are those who want to do the same to career politicians.

  • IAEH

    TRUMP 2016!

  • IAEH

    We especially need guns now with more refugees coming in without being vetted. Who do you think is among them?
    Any clues?
    We have the right to defend ourselves.
    Strange that all these attacks happen in “gun free” zones.
    Strange and stupid!

  • IAEH


  • IAEH

    He probably never was. Just trying to make himselff look credible. Liberals lie a lot.

  • gjtopr

    You are an idiot.

  • jackoooo

    Say what?+

  • Kathleen3

    The public’s opinion of the media is in the single digits. This type of propaganda printed by NYDN and NYT only serves to have voters turn to the candidate who most shares their low opinion of MSM.

  • Heidi

    I hope LaPierre SUES them back to the Stone Age.

  • jackoooo

    Who is MSM?

  • Ken1S

    If Obama thinks Gun Control is so Valuable in Controlling Gun Violence, then Today he must Disarm the Secret Service. Mr Obama, Put Up or Shut Up!

  • Steven Barrett

    Oh yeah, and I suppose you have it all together, too. IAEH, I was a correctional counselor in one state, a probation/parole officer in another and I have a BA in Public Administration/Criminal Justice which I earned from then-Biscayne College, now St. Thomas Univ. of Miami Gardens, FL. Satisfy you? BTW, what I said above was not a pack of lies. They were my opinions. But at least unlike so many of the caveman caucus/tea partier bunch of mouth breathers addicted to Fox “news” Channel, I can understand the difference between opinions and lies.

  • Kathleen3

    Mainstream Media – 99.9% of every newspaper journalist/reporter and on-air major network reporter/host.

  • Roberto Enrique Benitez

    It seems that the NY Daily News is trying to set the stage for the assassination of LaPierre. Have any prosecutors, local or federal, called for an investigation on that?

    Oh, I forgot, the real scoundrel for inflaming the public to kill some politicians was Gov. Palin when she used targets on her campaign material.

  • Austinniceguy

    Lol, your response is that of a blathering moron. Nobody said anything about the Jews but YOU. They never posed a threat to anyone but, you absolutely cannot say that about the syrian trash that is going around killing people around the world, can you? In case you didn’t hear, at least one of the attackers in Paris WAS one of your precious “refugees”, not a “granny” or “infant”. In case you haven’t heard, 8 syrian “refugees” tried to enter Texas ILLEGALLY through Laredo. I would also like for you to share a link where we can verify that the only syrian “refugees” we can expect ARE “grannies and infants”. In case you didn’t see, the “refugees” who arrived in Texas yesterday were young, viable people who could VERY easily put a plot together and carry it out. Would I rather see their blood spilled than that of my fellow Americans? With the exception of yours, HELL YES!!!

  • Robert Johnson

    You sure do ramble Steve…so what’s your point? If there was someone armed in the clinic the shooter
    wouldn’t have had the time to do his work. Waiting for the police is no longer the solution to what we are experiencing and you want to disarm everyone in favor of only law enforcement having the guns…why? Is no one else capable of handling a firearm? Your history lesson was unnecessary because we are talking about gun control and who should be able to carry. If you want to respond stay with the subject and give me your position. Try to answer and not call are good at trying to demean those who disagree.

  • jackoooo

    When headlines are produced that make people inquisitive or inflammatory, people buy papers. Profit is the objective.

  • Steven Barrett

    A hell of a lot of Germans in the most educated nation in Europe during the 20s and 30s bought into what Hitler, Goebbels, Streicher were telling them. Well, his party will diss Der Donald soon enough. Then you can go to the whiny little Canadian Cuban. If you get a chance, check out on MSNBC what Bob Dole had to say about your JUNIOR senator.

    Hey Fritz, read up on the libel laws. LaPierre is a public figure who makes his living from saying controversial things and as NRA’s head enacting controversial policies. He long ago sacrificed his protection against libel. Besides, no lawyer worth his or her salt would advise that guy to sue any newspaper for what it could cost him and the NRA the moment all the case (if it ever came to being accepted) because a lot of stuff I’m sure the NRA would do almost anything to keep under wraps would be wide open for a judge’s, jury’s and public’s consumption . . . and that’d be the end of both the NRA and LaPierre. The NRA’s position now is almost as weak as that of Big Tobacco in the public eye given so many mass killings of recent history. The moment he repeats his famously stupid line that all it takes is one good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun, you can count on the widow of that slain police officer who was killed by that abortion clinic shooter, aka John Brown crusader wannabe. She’ll destroy LaPierre in one sentence. Couldn’t happen soon enough. The NRA used to be the gold standard organization when it came to promoting gun safety and it still is in that respect. But it has tarnished its reputation by allowing itself to become the mouthpiece for the small arms manufacturing industries who rely on it to keep sales up … especially when there’s been no mass killing that naturally cranks sales up no thanks to our current crop of demagogues in the political arena and 4th Estate.
    What you folks need is a more sensible mouthpiece; not this icicle.

  • AndRebecca

    Barrett is a poser. He claims different backgrounds depending on what his troll message is about. He is definitely a lying Leftist. He can’t hide that, or his pure hatred for America.

  • Steven Barrett

    I don’t recall saying responsible owners of firearms shouldn’t be able to buy one or however many they wish for self defense, hunting or maintaining a collection of historical guns. Wbo the heck wants nuts their local states have already deemed too psychologically unbalanced to drive a car being able to own a pistol; much less a long rifle or short semi-automatic like a Uzi. If the manufacturers, Colt, Smith and Wesson, Ruger, etc were willing to demonstrate more social responsibility than keeping their primary focus on the bottom line I’ll bet they wouldn’t be so eager to shovel beaucoup amounts of lobbying money into the NRA to use on Capitol Hill and state capitols for the purpose of ginning up fear and capitalizing on those ginned up fears to get bills pass that favor only the weapons manufacturers. Sure, they have to make money and not all attention to the bottom line is unwarranted; but we’re talking about firearms, not widgets, not picture frames and other non-lethal products. Hope this satisfys you. I’ll admit my previous invective was a bit saucy, but I was (rightfully) upset with the Senate’s vote and it just came out. My apologies for anybody who took personal umbrage at my choice of words. But as for my position, that’s unchangeable.

  • Kathleen3

    Based on the stats confirming the continuous decline in readership I would suggest publishers/editors resort to an alternative marketing plan. Canceled newspaper delivery several years ago and have not once missed it.

  • Robert Johnson

    No it does not satisfy me because you ramble again. Also positioning your “invective” as “saucy” is a weak attempt to explain your immature words and deflect the actual strength of them when responding to others. All of what you have written here indicates you want guns taken from all citizens. Of course mentally unbalanced individuals shouldn’t have a gun…wouldn’t be comfortable with giving them a knife either. But these are two discreet issues. Gun ownership must be guaranteed to us..the reason we have that guarantee is written in history because we need protection from excessive government. Keeping them out of the hands of those who use them to kill innocents is the other question. We seen unwilling to institute sensible policy to do just that because we have become a politically correct, weak, timid society led by the agenda of the left which dictates that we cannot judge individuals. That needs to change and you need to be willing support strong policy which denies access to those individuals.

  • Steven Barrett

    Suit yourself Mr. Johnson, I tried to break it off in a toned down civil manner. Have a nice, safe and peaceful Christmas and New Years.

  • Robert Johnson

    I wish the same to you Mr. Barrett..truly. However, I’m afraid the New Year will not be safe or peaceful..we are in trouble and I don’t believe we are being strong enough to guarantee safety or peace.