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During an appearance on ABC’s The View, Ali Wentworth, wife of ABC News anchor George Stephanopoulos, recounted a story from election night involving their 14-year old daughter’s reaction to Donald Trump’s victory:

“It involves my 14-year-old getting upset about the election and screaming ‘NO ABORTIONS!’ really loudly, and I was like, ‘you haven’t kissed a boy yet. Don’t use that term so flippantly.”’

Flippant or not, Wenthworth must be a proud mother knowing that her oldest daughter has adopted her liberal views and are willing to express them, no matter how misguided they may be.

Maybe Stephanopoulos can arrange for his daughter to get a post-election selfie with his pal Hillary to make her feel better.

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  • lynn

    I bet it was all Candice could do to hold back her breakfast. Sick crazy people who fed fear to their child

  • gates of vienna

    Perhaps as the Planned Parenthood message – the only one allowed – becomes less malignantly all powerful, it will be permitted to let girl children know the consequences of an aggressive form of breast cancer for women who “choose” to interrupt prima gravida pregnancy if there is a history in her family of the BRCA gene.

    Nature is chaotic, but it’s an organized form of chaos. In this case, once a woman’s body has delivered its first fruits at full term, abortion is GRAS – ‘generally regarded as safe’…but prima gravida abortion is a time bomb for those with the BRCA gene.

    This ignorant woman has never investigated the risks of first pregnancy abortion. So she will let her daughter play ovarian roulette. The pink-ribbon approach to Breast Cancer Awareness NEVER includes information about the BRCA gene and its relationship to abortion. The feminist lobby is too powerful to allow for such knowledge.

    A few years ago the world lost one of the most beloved people I’ve ever known. She had an abortion as a teenager and then went on to mature, marry, and have 2 children when she was ready to handle that responsibility. In her early 40s, that aggressive form of BRCA appeared, metastasizing relentlessly until she finally succumbed to it.

    PP has a lot to answer for.

  • Mike S.

    The standard answer to this nonsense should be: We want to protect women from having forced abortions and from being forced to use contraceptives. This happens in many parts of the world today, most notably China (which includes North Korea). Clinton and Stephanopoulos did nothing to stop these barbaric practices during their terms in the White House (in the 1990s).

  • carl

    If you act like a responsible person you probably won’t need an abortion. George and Ali are bad parents.

  • Lee

    This child is being raised by very pathetic parents. If abortion is even being discussed by a 15 year old, the parents need counseling. They are evidently not teaching the child what is right or wrong!

  • Nancianne

    WOW this is what I would describe as Poor Parenting but I wouldn’t expect anything better from George’ daughter !!

  • justmewhoelse12

    Stephanopoulos and his wife can’t wait for their 15 year old to get pregnant and have an abortion. The proud “grandparents” will then take the jar full of their aborted “clump of cells” and show them off to friends and family. ABC will surely do a special too I bet.

    Sick people these liberals

  • Jimmy Leggs

    Can’t they hide Goldberg’s hideous gut by seating her on the inside (or booting her off the show or — better yet — cancelling the show)? It’s awful to hear such a young girl already viewing abortion as a crucial need in her world. She sounds like one of today’s many little queen bees who are developing major cosmic, personal and social problems and sinking deeper.