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The weekly Nielsen ratings are in, and much to the disappointment of CNN and MSNBC, Fox News not only didn’t falter after the departure of Megyn Kelly but saw ratings soar with their reshuffled primetime lineup.

Tucker Carlson, who launched his show on November 14 in the 7 p.m. time slot, replaced Kelly last week and gave the network a big ratings boost.

For the week, Carlson’s show saw a 10 percent increase in total viewers and 12 percent increase in the key 25-54 demo, compared to the 2016 average for his time slot. Compared to the same week last year, Carlson posted a 21 increase in total viewers and a whopping 52 percent in the demo.

Martha MacCallum, who took over Carlson’s old time slot, posted a 43 percent increase in total viewers and 66 percent in the demo compared to a year ago, when Greta Van Susteren ruled the roost.

Van Sustern made her debut on MSNBC this week, and even though she improved upon the numbers of the now defunct With All Due Respect, it wasn’t enough to beat CNN.

Fox News executives probably would have been satisfied if Carlson had posted numbers close to Kelly’s, noting that he doesn’t have the same star-power that she had amassed during her time at Fox. But the ratings increase has been an unexpected and pleasant surprise, and bodes well for the network in what many people expected would be a down year for cable news after the presidential election.

If MacCallum can maintain her numbers, Fox’s lineup will become even more impregnable than it has been, leaving CNN and MSNBC to fight for an increasingly smaller piece of the pie.

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  • RightVote

    THIS Isn’t about Ratings/ Networks………
    THIS is about AMERICA……………
    THIS is about TRUTH…..
    THIS is about AMERICA…….
    GOD BLESS AMERICA ! (and he is ) !

  • alex

    i watch fox news quite alot, i didnt watch it to see kelly. i find their reporting to be normally objective. i certainly wouldnt go over to nbc, msnbc, or cnn to get my news. they are notoriously in collusion with the left. if there is a scandal on the left, they ignore it if they can, otherwise they twist it to make it into a right conspiracy. i also recommend bbc world news, the wall street journal & cspan for the best sights to get the REAL news.

  • Mark Midas

    Glad to read about the ratings: the obvious does not always escape the oblivious it seems. I’m not surprised that replacing Sustern and Kelly improved ratings. Of course, Carlson deserves credit, too; it’s just that Sustern and Kelly were oddballs.

    Leftists maintain significant clout with FNC, it seems to me. To note a couple of items.
    1. FNC likes to use Shepard Smith to report breaking news, and Smith is one of the more transparent FNC socialist shills, even worse than O’Reilly.
    2. FNC’s running graphics (i.e., news items along bottom of the screen) are becoming increasingly the province of Leftist causes, too.

  • Cindy

    Looks like MSNBC and CNN are in a race for the bottom. Man, they both have to be run by complete incompetents. Fox couldn’t be too smart either because any idiot could have told them that Megyn Kelly was hurting their ratings in the best time slot in their line-up.

  • Shell

    …and Fox isn’t right leaning? I make myself watch Fox in order to see what vile, anti Democrat news is being reported, and how it’s reported. Yes, I do watch left leaning MSNBC, that’s not a secret. It’s obvious, but CNN??
    Fox never says ANYTHING positive about liberal positions. That’s supposed to be fair and balanced???

  • Boramir Piles Torias

    Lmao! Any vile anti-democratic news being reported is news the dems created. Don’t hate on FOX for reporting the truth. Take a long hard look at your own party.

  • abiodun adebayo Awolaja

    Fox tends to go left sometimes but I’d say it’s cool overall

  • Joe Supsinskas

    This is difficult to believe, as Tucker Carlson seems no where near as capable as either Megyn Kelley or Martha MacCallum. Most times he seems stumped as to how to proceed. His follow up questions fall short. Seems like a nice guy, but for the most part during that hour, I seek out other news sources.

  • zucccchini

    Folks are tired of negative reporting and bad news from the media. They will gravitate to the positive, even the Democrats. Fox tells you about the good things along with the bad. Not CNN or MSNBC. Everything is bad all the time.

  • Patrick Reddell

    Lol you are joking right? Tucker is the debate KING. He smoothes them in and BAM. He grabs them by the throat.

  • john

    Megan presented herself like a tramp. Newt was right. I liked Greta, untill she opted for the “he touched me” bonus. I won’t watch her either. Shannon Bream and Amy Kellog would be great in either role.

  • john

    Spot on about shepherd smith. PC globalist shines right through.

  • bob therrien


  • None

    ABSOLUTELY AGREE Patrick. And his expressions when someone tries feeding him the liberal line as a relevant argument is Priceless! LOL

  • debby Sevano

    It’s April. Four months after Gretta’s debut on MSNBC. Shame on Greta Van Susteren for her lack to loyalty to the network and viewers that made her broadcasting career. I’d watch her, but the last channel I watch behind CBS, ABC, Fox, and CNN, is the lowly MSNBC who are known for their vial, mean-spirited broadcasters. Greta took the path of Katie Couric. She dwells in the outskirts of broadcasting. Sad.