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Fox News’ primetime ratings continue to tumble after the departure of longtime host Bill O’Reilly.

The once impregnable primetime lineup built by the late Roger Ailes, and torn asunder by the Murdoch brothers, finished third in the advertiser-coveted A25-54 demo last week. The last time that happened was June 9, 2000.

After Fox fired O’Reilly amidst charges of sexual harassment, it reshuffled its primetime lineup, moving Tucker Carlson—who was holding his own, battling Rachel Maddow at 9 p.m.—into O’Reilly’s 8 p.m. slot, and The Five from 5 p.m.—where it was easily beating the competition—to 9 p.m., only to be slaughtered by Maddow and giving rise to MSNBC.

Even though Fox was a close second in total viewers to MSNBC for the week of May 15-19 (2,440,000 to 2,405,000), it trailed both MSNBC and CNN in the demo with 497,000 viewers to MSNBC’s 611,00 and CNN’s 589,000.

MSNBC and CNN have been trying to find the chink in Fox News’ ratings armor for years, and it looks like they have finally found it.

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  • Chemist

    Is it possible that these “polls” are also skewed? Clearly they were back-assward in predicting the outcome of the latest presidential election; I don’t trust any of these assessments anymore. That’s sort of a sad commentary on where we’re at nowadays.

  • feduptohere

    I wouldn’t watch that station if it was the only one on TV. And yes, they make up stories to fit their wishful thinking. we see that every day!


    This is more BULLSHIT believe me. Any person able to think for themselves is not going to watch the LIBERAL LIES and SLANDER of MSNBC or any of the other PATHETIC Mainstream stations.

  • David Croxton

    Talk about Fake News, this is total bullshit. Nobody in their right mind would even think of watching MSNBC. This is a Joke. I guess that MSNBC took another one of their “polls” like the ones during the election. How did those polls work out for them?? LMFAO

  • Harold McGee

    Fox has no one to blame but themselves, Carlson in the 8 pm slot and worse yet the 5 at 9 pm? the only thing left is Hannity and they better be careful because if they lose him they are finished!

  • Lee

    The polls were certainly correct in Montana- Oh wait the MSM had it backwards. Instead of losing by 7 points Greg Gianforte won by 6 points.

  • Sandy Grulke

    People are turning away from Fox and watching NO news rather than settle for the ‘new’ Fox

  • ray2hill

    This is GREAT NEWS! MSNBC just the facts approach to the news is refreshing and unfailingly accurate.

  • David Croxton

    Yeah, their polls really got the election right. MSNBC is basically full of shit and does nothing but bash Trump. No news to speak of and what they do report politically is very one sided and skewed. Maddow is a Dyke as well.


    MSNBC and CNN have been trying to find the chink in Fox News’ ratings armor

    They didn’t find a chink in the armor – FNN just laid back and exposed their throat to the blade.

  • Kathleen Jennings

    Regardless of what is going on with Fox they still give the truth and most all around news whereas CNN and MSNBC barely cover some news and others they don’t give an truthful perspective. They are sooooo liberal that no conservative could even begin to listen to the fools CNN and MSNBC have.

  • Bc

    Seems that all you have to do to increase ratings is to insult the office of the president. Look at that other moron on channel 2,now the others are following suit. It’s a disgrace. I don’t watch either. Where are the real news people.

  • Drifter12

    Why is trash being dumped on this site?

  • Larry Sparks

    Whoever is watching CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and CNBC are watching “Fake News” incorporated. There primary goal is to take down President Donald Trump by any means possible as factual and truth in journalism is dead in main stream news America.

  • Terry Moore

    I guess you better read the comments below. 95% can’t be wrong, but I’ll bet MSNBC could interpret them as a big win for them! LOL/LMFAO!!!

  • BK

    There was a time when it was considered journalistic suicide to become the story. Now there is no journalistic standard. Everything’s a soap opera.

    For what it’s worth, watching any cable or network news ‘program’ is a mindless endeavor.

  • mj_rocks

    Watch OANN channel 347 on Direct. Fox has committed suicide. Murdoch was brilliant not sure why he let his sons do this to him?? We give our kids the benefit but doesn’t mean they are smart.

  • Mike S.

    Knowing that most socialist activists are demented, they probably leave TV and mobile devices tuned to MSNBC et al. when there is no one watching just to increase the number of “viewers”. They continually use lies, damn lies and then statistics. Obama’s minions dropped they unemployment rate below 8% just before the 2012 election (as pundits said they must to win), but California’s high numbers were simply omitted, and the head of that state’s agency said, Whoops, our mistake. Sorry. And no consequences.

  • Demp Hydrick

    We are watching One America News OAM channel 347 on Directv. It is like the original Fox. Watch out Fake news OAN is coming.

  • Get rid of The Five. Keep Hannity and Carlson and add Judge Jeanine to the prime time lineup

  • ab101

    Fox News shot it’s self in the foot when they got rid of Bill O’Reilly. Then they really did a stupid move by putting a show like The Five in the 9:00 PM slot. They would have been much better off putting Sean Hannity in this spot as he would bury the liberal crap on Rachel Maddow Show. Fox let go the hottest line up in TV by getting rid of Bill OReilly. Now there is a rumor that Fox is trying to get rid of their remaining star, Sean Hannity. Has Fox lost it’s mind or what. If Fox does not do something soon my wife and I will be watching a lot of Netflix. I would rather see old movie re-runs than watch MSNBC.

  • Lyle Larson

    I can’t blieve this information is true. I was on a cruise ship in Europe last week and they only had one station from America; msnbc. I ruluctlantly watched it at night and other times during our cruise when in cabin. It was non stop Trump vs Russia. Nothing more, nothing less. I hated the smugness of the people giving opinions (not reporting the news) and would NEVER WATCH MSNBC ever again. I also feel the same way about CNN. If Fox keep firing people I hope that we will get another good conservative network. I saw OAN once in Chicago and liked that but of course Xfinity doesn’t provide that as they own NBC. I can also say that a true conservative would never use MSNBC OR CNN as a substitute for FNC.