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More evidence of a “Trump bump” has emerged with the release of the January 2017 SMI report, which shows that cable news experienced a big bump in ad revenue last month.

MSNBC led the pack with a 49.2 percent increase in ad revenue—which most likely is due to the overtly anti-Trump sentiment of the network—followed by Fox News with a 34.2 percent and CNN with a 19.9 percent increase.

Fox can credit the popularity of Tucker Carlson’s new show. A 30-second commercial during Carlson’s show cost advertisers $13,537 in January 2017, which is an increase of 26.7 percent from January 2016, when Megyn Kelly occupied the time slot.

The ad rate rise is nearly universal across cable news, owing more to a “Trump bump” than anything else.

In his first two weeks on the air, Tucker Carlson Tonight’s ratings were up 37 percent in total viewers and 50 percent in the 25-54 demo compared to The Kelly File in 2016.

If this keeps up, Carlson will get a very big raise when his contract comes up for renewal.

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  • (deplorable) gabwin

    And Tucker will deserve every dime. He’s the reason I started watching FOX again.
    At least when HE has liberals on, he demolishes them.

    I can’t figure out why they haven’t figured it out yet, but keep on coming on. I guess they just can’t imagine that a conservative could possibly be smart enough to out-argue them.

    It’s the dangers of that Blue Bubble…where everything you say gets applauded and cheered, so you’re left believing that in the real world you actually deserve applause and cheers.

    Well, that…and being certain that all conservatives are inbred “hillbillies” without teeth and IQs of 65.

  • Mesa Mike

    You do make some good points. But there’s something about the subversive and covert nature of socialists that bothers me when I watch Carlson. He seems to give these people exposure, and I’m not sure that’s a good thing. Yes, he does prove that conservatives can think on their feet and he presents some good arguments. However, this is how some of these things start to put seeds in the minds of people who then say I moving towards the center on this issue because so-and-so said this and I saw it on Carlson. Also I don’t trust Shepard Smith Chris Wallace and a number of other people on Fox.