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jonathan-kleinDuring an interview with HuffPo Live, former CNN president Jon Klein, praised Fox News Channel president Roger Ailes and dismissed the idea that the network is in decline after its recent ratings dip:

I will say that Roger Ailes is a ferocious competitor, and to write off Fox News because they may have had a glitch…somewhere in there, although I look at their numbers and I don’t even see—they attract a lot of viewers. And he pulls things out of nowhere, like that show The Five––I mean, that was a big, gaping hole. He lost Glenn Beck who had millions of viewers and what does he do? Seamlessly, you know, replaces it with a team that can be a breeding ground for more talent.

Klein then cited Megyn Kelly as an example of the Fox talent pool, saying that a lot of people would be happy to have her work at their network.

NPR Media Correspondent David Folkenflik agreed with Klein, telling HuffPo Live that Ailes “mints stars,” and that Fox’s record of sustained success for a long period of time makes it hard to believe that they are “on the rocks.”

But that is exactly what the mainstream media have been predicting lately after Fox’s ratings hit a 12-year low in January in the key A25-54 demographic. They have taken one month as a sign that Fox News’ long term dominance is at an end despite the fact that even with the dip, it still remains far ahead of MSNBC and CNN.

The mainstream media would dearly love to see Fox News fall from its perch as the number one cable news network. But they will almost certainly discover that one month doesn’t make a trend and that they have started to dance on Fox’s grave prematurely.

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  • aliswell

    Oh, no doubt a lot of people in the propagandist machine media WOULD love to have Megyn Kelly work at their networks. As a FemiNazi she’d fit right in.

    Klein singing FOX News praises is no different than Putin, Chavez and their ilk applauding the re-election of Barry.

  • 5843supie

    sounds like klien is looking for a job….. kelly has got a couple of things going for her… but don’t forget – some of those beautiful babes reading the news on
    fox used to dance on tables for a living….

  • 5843supie

    as usual – the accuracy in media site is attracting lots of comments…..