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Despite the best efforts of Donald Trump to torpedo Megyn Kelly’s career after she asked the GOP front-runner some tough questions during last month’s Republican presidential debate, she has emerged victorious after topping all of cable news in the key demo for the August ratings.

Trump, who disparaged Kelly in the media and on Twitter after the debate for what he called “inappropriate” questions that put him on the spot, received some support among conservatives who expected Kelly and fellow moderators Brett Baier and Chris Wallace to go easy on the candidates. But in the end, Kelly won the ratings war, whether or not she won the war of words.

Kelly averaged 566,000 viewers in the 25-54 demo, which was an increase of 41 percent from last August, and helped Fox to a whopping 64 percent increase in the primetime demo compared to the same period a year ago, and their highest ratings since November 2012.

Since Trump failed to ding Kelly’s ratings, he has wisely moved on to other targets as he continues his surprisingly strong bid for the Republican nomination in 2016.

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  • Trump boosted her ratings, don’t forget that !!

  • beaujest

    Howard Stern interview the key !

  • John Olthoff

    Proof that being a self-important horse’s butt will help you go far in TV news

  • Payne A, Tension

    I notice Fox News has been bereft of Trump coverage in recent days and barely a snippet of Trump video. Looks like the gravy train of free advertisement on the ratings giant has ceased. Looks like Roger A. taught trump lesson. We shall see whether trump phenomenon continues without the free coverage. My guess is that some how he will prove how little he needs Fox to continue his momentum.