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donald trump gop debate thumbs up

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump may be appearing on some Fox News programs, but he clearly is still upset with Megyn Kelly for what he perceived as unfair treatment during the first GOP debate in August. He sent out a tweet calling for his supporters to not watch her show.

Trump is hoping his latest salvo aimed at Kelly will have some effect, as his previous efforts to pressure her to fall in line with his campaign have largely failed.

While there has been some conservative backlash over Kelly’s tough questioning of Trump during the debate, it hasn’t negatively affected her ratings, as the billionaire businessman had hoped.

Since the August debate, ratings for The Kelly File have risen by nine percent in total viewers and six percent in the key demo, as compared to the first eight months of the year. The rise was aided by a post-debate show which drew 3.33 million viewers, helping Kelly beat colleague Bill O”Reilly in the key demo for the third quarter.

Yet this attempt by Trump to draw Kelly into a public fight and ding her ratings will likely also fail.

After all, if viewers boycott Kelly, what are they going to watch? Anderson Cooper? Rachel Maddow? I don’t think so.

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  • maryloujb

    I know I “fired” her after the hit piece about the “rape” of Ivana. It is just too obvious, the boss is leading her by the ring in her nose. Just can’t watch her anymore.

  • Steven Barrett

    Maryloujb, — this is gonna make your day, no doubt … but I look forward to watching Rachel every night except when Law & Order:SVU’s on with a new episode. Sure as hell beats that heir of the fur trading racket. At least Maddow’s got a sense of humor, which is more than I can say for the snarks claiming to be her “competition.”

  • DontListenToTheStupid

    Awesome to watch right wingers go at each other!!!

  • Bob USAF(ret)

    Kelly is a lib, quite obvious.

  • DontListenToTheStupid

    You mean like an Anti abortion , Anti-gay, anti-Obama liberal????