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Democratic National Committee chairwoman Donna Brazile took umbrage with Megyn Kelly after the Fox News anchor grilled her about leaking a town hall question to the Clinton campaign.

Kelly asked Brazile how she obtained a debate question for a CNN town hall that was read verbatim by Roland Martin of TV One, CNN’s partner for the town hall.

Brazile denied receiving any questions in advance from CNN and accused Kelly of persecuting her.

“As a Christian woman, I understand persecution, but I will not sit here and be persecuted. Your information is false… Podesta’s emails were stolen. You’re so interested in talking about stolen material, you’re like a thief that wants to bring into the night the things that you found in the gutter.”

Kelly pressed on, reminding Brazile that CNN’s Jake Tapper said that the leak was “unethical” and that he found the matter very upsetting.

Brazile responded by saying that she wasn’t going to “validate falsified information,” especially from emails that may have been doctored by WikiLeaks.

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  • john robel

    Big, black and stupid. Her name is Meagan, not Kelly. donna is jesse jackson on estrogen. A perfect replacement for howard dean, the scream of the crop. (Capitals omitted by pure disrespect).

  • Bob

    Ya it’s hell to have the media do their job isn’t it Donna?

  • Garnett

    Hey Donna, the word is “leaked” NOT stolen. I believe every word in that “leaked” statement about you. It was NOT doctored and everyone knows that. Killary has taught you well on telling lies. Thing is the truth always prevails.

  • madhatter46

    Wow lies are fine but truth is ridiculed by all these “any thing goes” liberals. They believe that the end justifies any means-lies are truth, or as Orwell said was is peace. You can keep your insurance at a lower price—Benghazi caused by a video—server used for yogi lessons and wedding pictures–sex with a cigar on the floor with an intern–but not a sexual act—stealing furniture from the White House–demonizing Wall Street but collecting tens of millions from the same as a protection scam—choice in partial birth abortion but not in education. It truly is time to make all the Orwellian pigs to get up and leave the feast at the banquet table in his novel ‘Animal Farm.” “All animals are equal, but some are more equal,”–Sorry, not anymore–hey Bernie what happened to the belief that ‘to those based on their needs’–Do you need that lakefront house? How many do the Clinton Crime Family need? Does any president need to go to Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard multiple times each year? No more–no more. The Rule of Law pertains to all –nobody is above or outside of its consequences.

  • Combatvet52

    Big Black And DOUBLE STUPID………….Donna @#$%^&*()

  • Dennis Schaaf

    Stolen and falsified and we’re sticking with that.
    Now, any other questions I can lie about?

  • “Stolen” or not, the email outed you Brazile. Own up.

  • peter Pirzadeh

    These vile liars, it seems are in competition with one another. Seems to me who can tell a more brazen lie without being caught, exemplified, clearly by brazile, a shameless democratic operative who clearly engaged in unethical and unlawful behavior by providing the questions in advance to the Clinton camp and yet lying through her teeth when questioned by Kelly. This is what our democracy has come to. If you can justify the lie you are telling, tell another one to support the first one. That’s how this corrupt government has conducted itself so far and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.

  • TPS12

    Just keep telling those lies msm will cover you, although doesn’t look like Megyn k will especially after you call her a thief.

  • greatj

    Another Democratic Party two/faced lying weasel.

  • oat21

    DNC Chair Donna Brazile fits real well in with the leftist socialized party with her denial and her lies. Any American that could vote for a democrat is the furthest thing from an American, they do nothing but lie, cause trouble, deny cronyism, break laws and do everything to disrupt the American process, it’s unbelievable that we’ve allowed the liberal media, the liberal left wing socialist and the liberal government to get this far in their endeavor to destroy America.

  • oat21

    They’re incapable of admitting the truth or any guilt of any crimes they’ve committed.

  • lauren

    typical corrupt politicians answer. neither admitted nor denied, just try to kill the messenger. some christian!

  • biilyjoe

    BraziLIAR’s blue hair has penetrated her low-IQ ‘brain’. She’s 59 years old–looks like 79; that’s what you get with constant blackLIESblabber on The Democrat Plantation.

  • sox83cubs84

    Megyn Kelly could be a lot worse, Donna. She could be a friggin’ Communist Democrap like YOU.

  • sox83cubs84


  • ItsJo

    Correct, as ALL Dems first ‘deny, deny, deny….then lie, lie, lie’ and in Hillary’s case, they say they Don’t Recall……It’s the Alinsky methods they ALL Follow.

  • ItsJo

    These liars are now “all on the same page-calling the emails doctored, etc. as IF Assange sat there for years and changed them…….yeah, sure he did……..NOT.” They ALL want to SILENCE him, which is why John Kerry(Lurch) went to the UK to try to Stop the Ecuadorian Embassy from allowing Assange to send them out. HE IS OWED A BIG THANK YOU FROM OUR AMERICAN CITIZENS AS OUR LIBERAL/LEFTIST MEDIA WILL NOT ‘REPORT ANYTHING AGAINST HILLARY, ETAL. THE ‘RIGGED SYSTEM IS IN PLACE’…..JUST AS OBAMA SAID IN 2008″ BUT NOW HE DENIES ANYTHING CROOKED GOING ON IN THE ELECTION. NO ONE BELIEVES THE “LIAR IN CHIEF.”

  • Mr.Roboto

    Calls herself a Christian and yet has no remorse about telling lies. smh

  • Lee Ryan

    What a great game. Da Cubs smoked the Dodgies. More fun seeing that game than reading all the “Lefty Lies.”

  • It pains me greatly to write this, but if Hillary Clinton is legally elected,
    then those who vote for her truly deserve her and concordant judgments. MATTHEW 24: 12 Because of the multiplication of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold. 13 But the one who perseveres to the end will be saved.

  • Robert Partridge

    There is so much evidence out there proving the DNC, the Clintons and her campaign have committed perjury, fraud and even treason that for no one to be prosecuted just shows how corrupt government is under the Obama administration. Obama himself voted to eliminate the use of State property and State time by it’s employees for political purposes while he was in the Illinois Legislature, but here he is using taxpayer time and Air Force One to promote Hillary. We need major reform and Trump is the only way it has a chance of happening this election season.