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Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, who is under fire for her ineffective leadership of the party, struggled to explain why the party’s presidential nominating process isn’t rigged against the insurgent campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).

Wasserman Schultz appeared on CNN’s The Lead with Jake Tapper on Thursday, and was asked to explain how Hillary Clinton, who lost to Sanders in New Hampshire by 22 points, could receive as many delegates as the winner:

Tapper: Hillary Clinton lost to Bernie Sanders in New Hampshire by 22 percentage points, the biggest victory in a contested Democratic primary there since John F. Kennedy. But it looks as though Clinton and Sanders are leaving the Granite State with the same number of delegates in their pockets because Clinton has the support of New Hampshire’s superdelegates, these party insiders.

What do you tell voters who are new to the process, who says this makes them feel like it’s all rigged?”

Wasserman Schultz: Well, let me just make sure that I can clarify exactly what was available during the primaries in Iowa and in New Hampshire. The unpledged delegates are a separate category. The only thing available on the ballot in a primary and a caucus is the pledged delegates. Those that are tied to the candidates that they are pledged to support and they receive a proportional number of delegates going into, going into our convention.

Unpledged delegates exist really to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists. We are as a Democratic Party really highlight and emphasize inclusiveness and diversity at our convention and so we want to give every opportunity to grass roots activists and diverse, committed Democrats to be able to participate, attend, and be a delegate at the convention. And so we separate out those, those unpledged delegates to make sure that there isn’t competition between them.

Tapper: I’m not sure that, that answer would satisfy an anxious young voter but let’s move on.

Sanders won 15 delegates and Clinton nine based on the New Hampshire primary results, but Clinton picked up six superdelegates to tie Sanders, despite being blown out by the voters.

The  Associated Press calculates that Clinton currently has 361 superdelegates—elected Democrats and other party pooh-bahs committed to her as of Jan. 30—and Sanders has eight. There are 712 superdelegates in total, but unless Sanders wins the remaining primaries by a substantial margin—which isn’t very likely—they will undoubtedly play a crucial role in giving the nomination to Clinton, even if Democratic voters felt otherwise.

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  • biblioboy

    she is speaking in gibberish….good lord the Democrats are doomed….fire her!

  • Oz

    Struggles? No, simply completely fails to. I wish interviewers would make them stick to the question, or, failing that 3 times, make a point of moving on “because you refuse to answer the question – viewers, please note that this question was avoided by ”

    Period. Call them out. Shine a light so they are afraid to prevaricate like this.

  • JSM

    If not Sanders, then my vote hours to Jill Stein.
    I will not vote for Clinton. This level of democracy hijacking puts her in bed with Trump and Cruz.
    I can’t vote for corruption in my party.

  • Steven Barrett

    Small wonder Clinton covered for Henry Kissinger last night. Hell, she’s becoming more like Kissinger’s boss by the days, if not hours. She just revealed how truly capitol E establishment she’s been for so many years with her deference to Kissinger who sold us out during the Paris Peace Accord Talks in 1972.
    Wasserman-Schultz’ willingness to do almost anything for her pal Hillary has gone so far to be just as bad as Hillary’s heel-clicking defense of her former boss Barack Obama.
    Time for the voters to get the real picture about Hillary Clinton and keep voting against her and hopefully this will also hasten the day of Wasserman-Schultz’ ouster as DNC Chair. And a rickety one at best.

  • evan

    I would vote trump over Hillary. At least I know how bad he’s going to fuck us over, Hillary flip flops so much, we don’t actually know what her views are.

  • Wayne Montgomery

    well we can allays hope the FBI arrest her

  • Wayne Montgomery

    i agree

  • Steven Barrett

    No wonder HRC and her pal Wasserman keep up the drumbeat about Sanders being a “one-issue” candidate. This story explains why they fear what Sanders really represents to them: the closing down of their tidy “little” oligarchic racket. The Kochs have nothing over the Clintons. At least they’re not coy compared to Hillary’s bunch in her headquarters in Brooklyn and Wasserman’s DNC.

  • politicalcynic

    “Unpledged delegates exist really to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists.”

    So in effect, all these unpledged delegates are there to ensure that those in the party establishment don’t really HAVE to win people’s votes to secure the nomination? They are there to protect “party leaders” and “elected officials” from the people? The unpledged delegates, by Ms. Wasserman-Schultz’s own definition, are there to SUBVERT the will of the people?

    By any definition this should cause one to have serious doubts about the integrity of the entire primary/caucus process the Democrats are running. This REEKS of back room deals and corruption.

  • Steven Barrett

    Wasserman-Schultz reminds me of the people who stiff-armed Fannie Lou Hamer back in ’64. At least LBJ had the excuse of trying to make sure he got reelected as the only national leader who could pull off the victory the footsoldiers of the Civil Rights Movement fought, bled and sometimes even died for. Not the others. As for Wasserman-Schultz, she’s only acting like a backroom political boss minus the cigars and cheap hooch.

  • ? peaceful_revolutionary

    I plan to write in Bernie but nothing on earth could get me to vote for Clinton. Heck, I worked 3 states back in 92′ to try to keep her husband from getting the Democratic nomination.

  • Stuart Dauermann

    DOUBLETALK! I hate to say it, but these kinds of shenanigans have caused bloody riots in other contexts. What she said satisfies NO ONE but those people who just want to trust someone else to take care of them and think for them, or those who want Hillary to be on the ticket by any means necessary.

  • libertyluvur

    “Unpledged delegates exist really to make sure that party leaders and elected officials don’t have to be in a position where they are running against grassroots activists. We are as a Democratic Party really highlight and emphasize inclusiveness and diversity at our convention..”

    Soooo….what she’s saying is, the “grassroots” i.e the people shouldn’t be in a position to override elected official wishes….now how is that emphasizing “inclusiveness and diversity”????? That should tell anyone everything you need to know about the democrat party…the ones in power will stay in power now matter what the voters say…

  • pumpkin

    I can’t even listen to this video it upsets me too much. I hate this nasty woman. Someone should tell her perms went out in the 90’s. Oh well iv voted democratic my whole life but if Bernie is not the nominee I will vote for whatever Republican is on the ballot.

  • pumpkin

    I agree and I think thousands agree with you. The DNC knows this. If they pick Hillary it will be party suicide. I will vote for Trump too because he doesn’t want to cut social security benefits like Hillary does and because we should all send the DNC a message that the people are still in charge. Debbie Wassermans days in that job are numbered. BERNIE OR BUST!.

  • pumpkin

    YUP you got it! No one does anything about the problem because it’s so hard to understand the process that most people just give up trying.

  • pumpkin


  • pumpkin

    LOL many many feel the same buddy

  • pumpkin


  • Rex
    Hillary’s last duty as Secretary of State was to lobby for a Westinghouse nuke reactor being built in Czechoslovakia. Here are some of her recently released Emails regarding the Fukushima nuclear accident: THIS WAS HER RESPONSE:
    Why is no one talking about this? Because the information is suppressed by a military industrial complex who are fighting to maintain status quo via Hillary! -Rex

  • Rex
  • Frank Energy

    Great stuff, shows HIllary force fed radiation to Amerikans