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It’s been a rough couple of days in the TV-ratings for Rachel Maddow, as her show has slipped behind CNN in the key demographic for the same time period.

Last Friday, even though her show was number one in total viewers on MSNBC, it only managed to attract an average of 119k viewers in the demo, placing her in fourth place behind CNN’s Michael Smerconish (formerly of MSNBC) show, which clocked in at 147k, and HLN’s Forensic Files at 128K.

Things improved somewhat on Monday of this week when Maddow finished third in the demo with 187K viewers, this time trailing CNN’s Jake Tapper, who finished in second with 208K in his primetime debut.

For Maddow, that is quite a comedown from her normal second place finish behind Fox News’ Megyn Kelly, and well below her average when Piers Morgan was still on at CNN,

The sputtering in the key demo by one of MSNBC’s top shows should be a concern to network president Phil Griffin, as he struggles to make the network as profitable as Fox News and CNN. It is another sign that viewers really don’t care too much for its liberal-left programs.

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  • Proud American

    Rachel MADCOW will go down with the rest of the anti-christian left wing santanists

  • oxco

    liberal liars can only go so far… ie piers morgan

  • wsurhino

    Where are the corrections of mistakes or misinformation? Just because you don’t like what the left is saying doesn’t mean it isn’t true. I visit this site to find out what the left is saying that is false or made up or simply misinformation. Just like I go to Media Matters to check on the rights information. They at least give sources and reasons. This site simply calls them lefties or liars but rarely proves it. The fact is the “mainstream” media is far more accurate than the right wing media.

  • ThraceThrice

    MSNBC’s problem is not their bias (which is plain), it’s their self-satisfaction. Intended as a hybrid of “new media” and “old media”, it never really caught on in either. Then when it became clear that FoxNews was going to seize the CNN crown that MSNBC had lusted after, the fun really began.

    MSNB tried partnering with “serious” news. Didn’t work. It tried pulling in “popular” opinionistas (notably Don Imus). It tried a version of “The View” (‘Home Page’/) They tried to “leverage” NBC assets (such a ‘Dateline’) as documentaries to save money. They tried “trusted” personalities (like Phil Donahue.) They tried “funny” personalities (Keith Olberman has actually been on MSNBC twice – but was so depressed with the Monica Lewinsky story ruining what we later revered as his liberal psychosis that he left in 1998, to be rehired when he could stare into the camera and intone to his heart’s content in 2003.)

    Nothing really worked. Olberman’s tenure did, however, solidify MSNBC’s hold as the voice of the Left, after repeated lurches right and left since its founding. Left out of the self-congratulation was that Olberman’s show was the only show with a following, and even that with the same sort of self-defining audience he decried as watching his competitors over at Fox (who beat him consistently.) Eventually, Olberman’s personal ‘difficulties’ outweighed his value to the network, and he was fired, to pursue a gypsy course that has led him back to the ESPN he claimed to loath.

    Now stuck with a reputation of a Leftist bent they embraced and now cannot escape (the Left has always had trouble coming to grips with being in power, since they become the bootheel they claim to be trying to save people from), MSNBC is on a slow spiral to irrelevance. They renamed their popular website (more benighted “synergy”), they bought back the microsoft stake in 2005 — they can’t even “leverage” that any more. They’re left trying to scare people with things like “We need to make sure people can’t get illegal guns” (think about that one for a little bit.)

    So what is surprising is not that Rachel Maddow, who has always been merely a screechier version of Olberman, is having ratings problems — what’s surprising is that she’s still managed to remain on the air. I guess it shows that MSNBC’s honchos have finally realized that they might as well just play out the string (they extended many contracts after Olberman left in the foolish belief that these other personalities needed to be kept until a new Olberman could be found) and see what comes next. Perhaps receivership.