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morning joe mika on hillary

Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski went against the liberal media tide this morning when she asked panelists on the MSNBC show to tell her what Hillary Clinton’s message is, stating that the former Secretary of State cares more about deals than people or policy:

I’m just thinking about the exit interview she did with President Obama when she left. I’ve never seen that before. It seems like deal after deal. …Deal to get in, deal to get out. Am I wrong? Deal, deal. Give me back. You owe me. I’m telling you, it’s the Clintons all over the place, using deals to get where they need to go with no message.

Time magazine’s Joe Klein defended Clinton, saying that she would have handled domestic policy better than Obama—especially when it came to healthcare—and that she is a woman of “substance.”

Unsatisfied, Brzezinski asked Klein, “What will she do for the middle class?”

Klein shot back that Clinton hasn’t started running yet, even though it’s abundantly clear she is planning on running for the presidency.

Brzezinski then turned to fellow co-host Joe Scarborough and said that with a lot of people who could potentially run, you normally get a feeling about what they could do for the middle class. She added that through their work, you can determine if they care deeply about the middle class—something she was clearly not feeling about Hillary.

Even though I fully expect the media love affair with Hillary to continue—especially since her new book is coming out this week—it’s encouraging to know that not everyone in the media is buying the Clinton hype.

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    If the conservatives can’t manage to get control of enough seats to slow the roll of the liberal machine and take control of the Senate, the only thing we have to look forward to is more of the same from these liberal ass clowns. The only thing they have done for the middle class is a very thorough brutal butt f@#king!!!

  • desert_rat

    Obama got to be first black, she knows she’s entitled to be first woman in the presidency. He wasn’t and isn’t qualified and neither is she.