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dan rather with larry king

In an interview with the Toronto Star, former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather criticized the changes in journalism that have occurred over the last two decades, saying that journalists have lost their guts and no longer challenge people in power for fear that they will pay a heavy price for doing so:

I think journalists and journalism — certainly in the U.S. — we lost our guts. An attitude got around: Be careful, because if you report something people in power don’t like, you may have to pay a very heavy price for that. That’s not in the best tradition of U.S. journalism, nor do I think it’s in the best tradition of the free press anyplace.

First of all, to say that journalists have lost their guts, misses the point. If it’s about going after Republicans in the White House or Congress, most journalists have no problem with that, even when they are way off target. But if a Democrat, like President Obama, is in power, the media certainly don’t want to offend him, or even tell the truth about him, since it may supply talking points for Republicans and conservatives, and help defeat their beloved leaders. Most of the media are very liberal, and very protective of the Democratic establishment. Even when they point to liberals doing wrong, it is usually implied that at least their intentions were good. No, the real issue isn’t guts, but rather liberal bias, which is plentiful in today’s mainstream media.

And speaking of “Rather” and liberal bias, that’s not something Dan Rather cares to talk about. His 64-year career in journalism he has been one of the most biased in memory. Remember, Rather lost his job at CBS because of his role in a fabricated story, using fabricated documents, to attempt to help defeat President George W. Bush in his 2004 re-election effort. Bottom line—Dan Rather’s credibility as a journalist is suspect at best.

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  • Edie_VA

    The internet is Dan Rather’s enemy. When Rather posted fraudulent documents on his CBS “news” show, it was an internet researcher who duplicated the fraudulent document on Micrososoft Word, and produced a second document using an IBM selectric ball which proved Mr. Rather’s document could not have been from the year it was allegedly created. Dan and Ms. Mapes, his collaborator, were very slow on the uptake – they believed they had total control (totalitarian view?) over the narrative.

    Dan is an example of old media whose untruthful reporting was exposed by the new media. Of course he hates new media. He was part of the propaganda wing of the liberal/radical hierarchy in the United States. You can expect that internet voices like those who exposed Rather’s fraud will eventually be criminalized – that’s what Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Castro all did – lock up people who exposed their lies.