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Dan Rather, the disgraced former anchor of CBS Evening News, took to Facebook to express his displeasure with Donald Trump’s behavior towards Hillary Clinton during Sunday evening’s debate. He compared the GOP nominee with a despot, tyrant or monarch for saying that she would “be in jail” if he was president:

“As Donald Trump paced menacingly last night on stage, as he threatened Hillary Clinton with imprisonment even though her actions have already been subjected to the arm of justice, as he batted away concerns over the leaked audio of him boasting of sexual assault as mere ‘locker room talk,’ the cumulative image for millions of votes, I suspect, is that this is a man who, at a fundamental level, does not understand what it means to be an American. And thus, by logical extension, he has no business being president.

Teddy Roosevelt famously stated: ‘No man is above the law and no man is below it, nor do we ask any man’s permission when we ask him to obey it.’ That is our national creed. I can hear the Trump partisans howling that Clinton has subverted the law on multiple occasions. It is their right to do so, but it must be pointed out that she has never been found guilty of anything. You can then resort to conspiracy theories as to why that may be the case. But those too have never been proven by fact.

Trump by contrast boasts of how the law should not apply to him. As crude as the nouns were in that leaked audio tape, what was most offensive was the relish with which he outlined a host of actions—the verbs—for which the rule of law says he does not have the right to act without consent. Yet his voice reeked of the privilege of a man who believed his celebrity removed any such constraints. When he told Hillary Clinton in the debate she would ‘be in jail’ if he were president, those are the threats of a despot, tyrant, or monarch—not a president governed by our Constitution.

It was John Adams who penned the phrase, ‘a government of laws, and not of men.’ This is how our Founding Fathers saw our national destiny. This is the spirit that our citizens, over the ages, have demanded of our political leaders follow. I suspect it is something most Americans still believe.”

While Rather was on his high horse, he conveniently neglected to mention what Trump pointed out—that what Bill Clinton did was “far worse” since it involved action, whereas what Trump said was just words—as crude and lewd as they may have been.

And yet Rather thinks that Hillary Clinton—a woman who has lied to and deceived the American public about Benghazi, her private email server and the Clinton Foundation—respects the Constitution and is better qualified than Trump to be president.

Trump may not be the best presidential candidate the Republicans could have chosen, but at least he respects the law and doesn’t flaunt it like Clinton.

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  • Steven Barrett

    “No man is above the law,” eh? Trump thought he was for twenty years.

  • sox83cubs84

    Says the liberal media idiot who admitted to creating a false story about George W. Bush to try and swing the election to FrankenKerry. With liberals, lying and cheating is not a sin; it’s a resume enhancer.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    “While Rather was on his high horse, he conveniently neglected to mention what Trump pointed out—that what Bill Clinton did was “far worse” since it involved action, whereas what Trump said was just words—as crude and lewd as they may have been.”

    You probably should have waited a couple of days before writing this drivel. Clinton had consensual affairs with adult women. Bad…but nowhere near what Trump has done. And do NOT tell me he’s a rapist or abuser. Those claims were thoroughly dismissed 30 years ago when they were made.

  • Steven Barrett

    Even though John Adams, much to his deep regret, signed the Alien & Sedition Act, when he said we’re a government of laws, not of men, he knew what he was talking about and this was the very foundation of his life’s work from his early days as a country lawyer to penning the oldest extant bicameral Republican Constitution for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts before he embarked on his second and longest overseas diplomatic tour of duty in Europe to his years of doing what he could to curb the personally ambitious and shortsighted goals of many of the most unscrupulous men of his time
    all for the goal of making sure we kept true to our much longer held and treasured set of laws we had long enjoyed as Englishmen well before Parliament and the Crown started to take them apart and back to pay for the French and Indian War and other wars the Empire fought throughout the world at the same time, (albeit under different names to match their locations.)
    Trump would prove more problematic and obstinate than both the Crown and Richard Nixon, who also believed he was above the law until he was at least smart enough to know that even he could not outfox the very same system set into play more than three centuries ago by John Adams. It took an army to convince George; it only took laws to convince Nixon. But with Trump and his deplorables, I shudder to imagine what it would take to get them to realize that we are and always will be a nation of laws. There’s a clue in the acts and writings of Lincoln in his dealings with the Confederacy and LBJ when it came to dealing with segregationists during the Civil Rights Era of the Sixties. But it all comes back to the law, and the curbing of ambition and egotism.