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In an interview with Texas Monthly, former CBS News anchor Dan Rather said that he wasn’t surprised that Donald Trump won the election because the media and the Clinton campaign were tone “tone deaf” when it came to gauging Trump’s appeal to voters:

“I said right from the beginning, when Trump got in the race, ‘Don’t underestimate him.’ I knew that some of the things he said during the election—many of them outrageous, repulsive things—would resonate with a lot of people. I thought he could win right up to the moment he did, because he had a path. He played to people’s fear, resentment, and, yes, some racial prejudices, and that was the path that he tread. Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign was basically tone-deaf about how this was resonating, and unfortunately, many in the press were tone-deaf as well.”

Rather said he was “bemused” at the idea that people thought Clinton might actually carry Texas—a deep red state—at one point during the campaign. He cited her lack of strength, which he said is a necessary ingredient to win in Texas.

While I don’t totally agree with everything Rather said in the interview, he is correct when he says that the media and the Clinton campaign were tone-deaf. They were so arrogant and overconfident that they ignored the signs of just how popular Donald Trump’s message was, and how much it would appeal to their blue-collar base after eight years of Obama.

An election that that was supposed to be a landslide win for Hillary instead turned into one of the most shocking and humiliating outcomes in recent presidential history, decimating the Democratic Party and leaving what was left of the liberal media’s credibility in tatters.

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  • jg collins

    Racial prejudice played essentially zero part in the election. None. What Rather doesn’t get (as usual) was how far the country had gone off kilter and how truly loathsome the President and Hillary are. He’d rather believe that Americans are bigots than accept the fact that the Democrats have gone off into a moral swamp that doesn’t reflect our heritage or our beliefs.

  • Munk

    We Americans are trailblazers. We wanted to elect a non-white president and we did. We now want to elect a Pitbull and we did,

  • eingriff

    They were not just tone deaf, Dan ol’ man.
    They were profoundly deluded.
    And they still are.