Accuracy in Media

Good Morning America, which has been closing the gap between itself and The Today Show, launched its biggest assault to date this past week by bringing in Katie Couric to co-host in an attempt to try to overtake their longtime rival.

Couric was filling in for the vacationing Robin Roberts. As a former Today Show co-host, Couric was known as America’s Sweetheart, and GMA was trying to see if she could work some of her old ratings magic for her new network.

Through Thursday, however, the ratings showed that the Couric effect wasn’t all that it was cracked up to be. GMA, which only the week before had narrowed the gap in overall viewership to just 119,000 and beat The Today Show twice, trailed the NBC show on three of the four days overall (5.21- 4.95 million) and lost each day in the key A25-54 demo by an even wider margin than the previous week. (319,000-270,000).

The use of Couric upset many GMA staffers who thought it wasn’t fair to Roberts, and were concerned that the network might replace Roberts with Couric if the ratings warranted it.

But it looks like Katie will just have to be satisfied doing some fluff pieces for ABC before the launch of her talk show in the fall, where she hopes that she can revive her career after a dismal five-year stint at CBS.

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  • CTR

    I have always been of the opinion that if instead of the “gotcha” interview with Gov. Palin and its subsequent hyperpartisan editing, Ms. Couric had done a professionally honest interview with Gov. Palin, she might be accorded more respect today. Although it is doubtful whether she had any part in the current Hollywood traversty, her initial lack of journalistic integrity is so closely identified with all the many slanders of Gov. Palin and her family that she can never (in my opinion, again) escape such associations. I have never accepted her excuse that no matter how she conducted the interview that her partisan editors would have altered it.


    Katie has lost ALL respect from America. She is so biased left that nothing can believed from the likes of her,Chris Matthews, Dan Rather, Olbermann and the other paid liars that are the media. She’s got plenty of money, wht doesnt she just go home, shut up, and raise her damned kids. I dont think anyone will miss her at this point.

  • Steve

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