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Conservatives are planning to protest CNN’s “blackmail, doxxing and #CollusionDelusion” outside the network’s headquarters on Saturday in Atlanta.

The Media Equality Project (MEP) will be joined by their volunteer leaders, local political activists and Atlanta talk show host Bryan Crabtree according to a press release.

“When President Trump criticized CNN for their “Fake News” it seems to have caused them to double down. CNN has shown an obsessive focus with conspiracy theories that have been debunked and stories based on discredited sources. Numerous CNN stories have been corrected or retracted, and several journalists have been fired or forced to resign in disgrace. This has resulted in a loss of viewers at a critical time for the network as CNN/Time Warner and AT&T pursue a merger,” the press release said.

“The Media Equality Project has to hit a nerve with Americans who feel powerless to do or say anything about the horrible quality of news reporting in this country. We have watched hour after hour of biased, inaccurate, slanted and warped coverage of this administration, coming from outlets like MSNBC and CNN. We are determined to hold them and their stockholders responsible for the outrageous attacks on conservatives, both personally and professionally who work  in the Media, as well as Republican nominated to serve the administration. Enough is enough. The airwaves belong to all of us, not just those with a liberal agenda,” MEP co-founder Melanie Morgan told Accuracy in Media.

The attacks by President Trump have stung the network with CNN President Jeff Zucker telling The New York Times a few weeks ago that Trump was trying to “bully” them and that he wasn’t going to allow him to intimidate his employees.







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  • samo war

    cnn work for ET from orion ???

  • Wiley Coyote

    Almost 20 years ago, I tried to organize an effort to have CNN removed from regional airports where I live because CNN was so blatant in distorting the news and was doing so to a largely captive audience of people waiting for flights in the terminals. Few people showed much interest, I got a lot of ignorant looks and then there were those who just accept that the media is biased and there wasn’t much you could do about it.

  • mioahu

    It’s about time the left gets some of its own medicine, and that more conservatives start protesting like the leftists do…the left has no shame, it harasses people at their homes, it buses people around and pays them to protest, they are violent and stupid. It’s time for some decent protests, but they need to feel how it is to be harassed !