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Sen. Al Franken’s (D.-Minn.) resignation announcement on Thursday sparked a number of conservatives to complain that he had been “railroaded” and was the victim of a “lynch mob” while warning that this could open up the floodgates to other politicians being forced from office without having received due process.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich blasted Franken’s ouster on Laura Ingraham’s show on Thursday night.

“What you saw today was a lynch mob,” he said. “Let’s not have due process. Let’s not ask anybody any questions. Let’s not have any chance to have a hearing. Let’s just lynch him because when we are done, we will be so pure.”

Ingraham warned viewers about joining any “lynch mobs” on this issue.

“Because tomorrow, it could be coming for your husband, your brother, your son, and yes, even your president,” she said.

Earlier in the day, Gingrich pointed out that it was a small group calling for his resignation, not the voters.

Conservative radio host John Ziegler also defended Franken.

Byron York, chief political correspondent for the conservative Washington Examiner compared Franken to former Oregon Senator Bob Packwood who was accused of sexual misconduct in the early 1990’s and resigned in 1995 before the Senate could take an expulsion vote.

The media could help slow down this “lynch mob” mentality if they would vet the accusations before making them public, but that wouldn’t be as good for ratings as letting the accusations fly.

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  • J. Glenn

    I remember reading a book Karla Marx. The title was a political reference that’s become a reality today.

  • samo war
  • ericsiverson

    Franken did wrong , Who hasn’t . I could much easier forgive Franken for all the evidence they have on him . much more so than the 2 Bills crimes . Franken should not have resigned We chose him to represent us and we can remove him when we want too . I hope the democrats don’t expect the evil republicans to remove their congressmen to for such trivial violations . This Franken attack really surprises me . I always thought the democrats both men and women were the least moral of the two parties . But I wish the democrats good luck at looking for ways to keeping their party members from sin . Maybe when senator Judge Roy brings his 10 commandments to Washington . The democrats will learn there a lot more sins than sexual harassment , there is even a sin against lying too .

  • Jimmy Leggs

    False accusations made by vindictive women against men has been a huge problem ever since former VP Joe Biden and Democrats passed VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) using false data and unconstitutional provisions. The bill was passed based on the Interstate Commerce Act. VAWA proponents claimed violence against women was affecting interstate commerce. They knew the whole thing was Big Lie after Big Lie, especially as 95 percent of workplace deaths are men. (This doesn’t include how many are injured on the job daily. Most women who were injured were bitten by dogs — I’m not kidding.)

    Now, after millions of families have been destroyed — a Communist goal — and millions of men’s lives ruined by women’s lies and corrupt courts, Congress is worried about their own hides. Now media will cover this aspect to the story (except to deny it all) but the media is littered with filthy lying women today.

    You can read The Myth of Male Power by Warren Farrell; The Gender Agenda, Dale O’Leary; Karla Marx, Marshall R. Goodman; or Taken into Custody by Stephen Baskerville. All are excellent books on the topic and should be required reading for classes that include any mention of feminism.