Accuracy in Media

In an interview with The Wrap, CNN anchor Jake Tapper said, “the media is in a rough place right now,” and added that they have a lot of work to do to regain the public’s trust after completely misreading the election:

“Obviously there was a lot of misreading of information. I don’t know one poll that predicted Wisconsin was going to go for Trump, and it did fairly convincingly…We in the analysis department relied too heavily on those numbers, which are just snapshots based on models; they’re not facts…The media is in a rough place right now. We have a lot of work to do to regain ground with our readers, viewers and listeners, providing them with as much information as possible and asking appropriately tough questions. I hope that we in the media rise to the challenge.”

Tapper also commented on whether CNN was “complicit” in creating the Trump phenomenon:

“I’m not going to get into personnel decisions related to the Trump reporting process…I only know of one network president that acknowledged running many Trump rallies start to finish, and that’s Jeff. Fox and MSNBC did too, but I haven’t heard anything from them. I certainly understand the criticism and I agree with Jeff. I didn’t do it on my show, but that said, I think that we had some of the best debates, we had some of the toughest questions, we had some of the most probing interviews, and ultimately the voters went to the polls and they picked who they picked.”

The media benefited greatly from their coverage of Trump, as he boosted ratings across the board. But that coverage also showed just how Trump’s message was resonating in traditionally blue states—which the media and Hillary Clinton ignored—resulting in her stunning election loss and plenty of retrospection on how they managed to get the election results so wrong.

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  • kansas

    So far everything they have done further erodes any credibility they have left.

  • mioahu

    don’t believe o word they say, CNN is rabid….and so is the crazy bitch Rachel Maddau over at MSNBC, NY Times has become pure opinion, Washington Post is a leftist hideout with hit pieces instead of news…They should be ashame of themselves, they are the laughing stock of the country

  • REH

    I can’t stomach CNN, ABC, NBC, I can tolerate FOX but only because they are acting in their role of “support” for Republicans, but that also can go too far as it did during the Bush Jr. term. I support Trump and I want to see him treated in an honest and forthright manner and not filtered through some sickening SJW political perspectice. In addition, as long as most of the media keep insulting Trump’s supporters by framing them as racists or stupid they will continue to lose what little credibility they have remaining.