Accuracy in Media

CNN’s Jake Tapper lashed out at the media on Twitter for the lack of accountability in reporting on the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal.

Last week Tapper singled out NBC for its complicity in the scandal.

Tapper exposed one of the fundamental problems in journalism with his tweet: There is no functioning body that can hold the media accountable, unlike doctors and lawyers, meaning that each news organization is essentially self-policing, and is, therefore, more likely to protect their interests than demand accountability.

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  • Alberta Ed

    Jake Tapper whining about media bias? That’s rich.

  • samo war
  • Michael Winkler

    The collusion between our Pravda West Media and the Democrat party was on full display during this last election cycle. I have not seen such collusion between the Media and the Democrat party since PRAVDA was the Official Propaganda Agency of the old Soviet Union……. Stalin would be so PROUD !!!
    The Pravda West Propaganda News Media put out 1826 NEGATIVE and only 186 POSITIVE “news” stories so during Trump’s first 100 days.
    Have you ever noticed how the Media uses the SAME exact Talking Points ( word for word ) when they have certain stories…. it is as if they ALL got together and had a meeting and issued a memo on what was to be said. NO original news scoop, but the EXACT SAME TALKING POINTS…….

  • samo war
  • Don Baker

    The media should be held accountable for their lies and malpractice. There is a 1st amendment right of free speech, but there is NO constitutional right to be a journalist. We should require occupational licenses to be a journalist. Then, when they habitually practice malpractice and lie their license can be revoked. Not for one minute would we tolerate the level of malpractice found in journalism in our health care providers, contractors and other professions. Why then do we tolerate it in our fake news media? They must be required to have a license to practice journalism.