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On Tuesday, CNN released its plans for covering the Republican and Democratic national conventions, saying that they will offer “nonstop, unbiased programming” in Tampa and Charlotte. MSNBC president Phil Griffin responded by calling the network “desperate.”

CNN Washington bureau chief and senior vice president Sam Feist described how the network plans to present unbiased coverage during the conventions:

As the only cable news channel that has not picked sides in this election, CNN has a unique lens with which to cover these conventions. In Tampa and in Charlotte, we will give both parties an opportunity to showcase their platforms while also asking tough questions of Republicans and Democrats. Coverage of the conventions will dominate our air over two weeks as CNN’s deep bench of anchors, political reporters and analysts help Americans make an informed choice about their vote.

That drew a strong rebuke from MSNBC’s Griffin who told the Huffington Post, “When you’re desperate, you start calling different things out,” alluding to CNN’s recent ratings struggles and management turmoil.

CNN has been trying to portray itself as the more moderate network, but in doing so has lost many of its viewers to MSNBC and Fox News. Its lack of a focused strategy has contributed heavily to its current woes.

Feist  may want the public to believe that the network will be unbiased in its convention coverage, but with Candy Crowley, Soledad O’Brien, Wolf Blitzer and Anderson Cooper as part of the team in Tampa and Charlotte, it will be very clear which side of the fence the network is on.

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  • If CNN had actually staked out a more moderate position, then they would NOT be bottom feeding in the ratings. The problem is their incessant harping about BEING unbiased, yet being caught with their hands on Talking Points Memos during interviews (Soledad O’Brien). They either need to own their bias (ala Fox and MSNBC), or accept they’re no different from the old guard of the one-time “big three’ they hoped to replace (which also can’t understand how they’re caught playing partisan time and again).

    That is to say, there is PLENTY of room for legitimate objective reporting in the Traditional Media. Because no one is doing it.

  • Harvey1

    Seems like they need to define unbiased They can do whatever they want because I removed their channels from my tv receiver

  • antonia

    I switched off an on to your convention coverage tonight. Ifound ourt why your going broke.

  • antonia

    Typed too fast. I know that I and found need a space and I do know how to spell out.