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CNN, which President Trump has repeatedly referred to as “fake news,” fired a salvo in its battle with the White House by launching a clock on its website to track how long it has been since Trump attacked someone on Twitter:

CNN explained that while Trump spoke in more measured tones during his joint session speech to Congress on Tuesday, they think he could still launch a Twitter attack at any moment:
“President Donald Trump won praise from pundits and political allies for his more measured tones during Tuesday night’s address to a joint session of Congress. At one point in the speech, he even declared that ‘the time for trivial matters has passed.’
But Trump’s pivot to mellower rhetoric is actually a few days old. He hasn’t knocked, tweaked or attacked anyone on Twitter since Sunday afternoon, when he claimed, ‘Russia talk is FAKE NEWS put out by the Dems, and played up by the media, in order to mask the big election defeat and the illegal leaks!’
We’ll see how long it lasts—literally. So far, he’s gone..”
So much for objective journalism.
UPDATE:  CNN has officially retired the clock after President Trump blamed the controversy surrounding Attorney General Jeff Sessions on sore loser Democrats, “illegal leaks” and a”witch hunt.”

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  • Chris Ludwig

    I’m starting a clock on how long CNN has gone without attacking the President with fake news… 0 Days 0 Hours 0 Minutes 0 Seconds.

  • Webuppp

    Chris, you took my comment, you are exactly rite american patriot. More fake news and another attack by the marxists controlled media. Instead of printing hard news with the world in convulsions, they want to be silly, petty, and saul alinski detractors. News is to inform, it is not to cohorts, or propagandise peoples thought with theyre marxist new world order views.

  • Mark Midas

    Maybe CNN will use an abortion clock next …


    You have to have a very liberal education to appreciate the value of CNN. their standard are so low to readership that their reporters must have an extremely low anticipation of success or award winning news or authorships.

  • Gz7

    Liberal indoctrination, not education!

  • Realist

    Trump needs to start a “Truth Clock” to illustrate the hard core bias of Big Media towards anyone not of the libcult “faith”.

    That clock would be a countdown-to-midnight clock (Like the one used by the Silly Union of Politicized Scientists) that would be reset to an arbitrary position every time Big Media spewed another a new coordinated lie or began another Perils of Pauline style theatrical production of hyperventilated pearl-clutching over some otherwise unremarkable, ordinary function of government that the Big Media operatives think could serve as their next vehicle for the custom-crafted politics of personal destruction!

    Hey, I know! A running version of that clock should be displayed on a 90 inch wide screen TV in the Spicer briefing room so that the Big Media operatives can see their handiwork in action!!! How exciting!

    How many times would that clock have to be reset during just ONE briefing session?

    Pins and needles people, pins and needles!