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CNN has issued an apology after a video went viral showing an off-camera producer joking about President-elect Donald Trump’s plane crashing, before a live remote with CNN national correspondent Suzanne Malveaux on Thursday.

The video, posted to YouTube by FTVLive’s Scott Jones, shows Malveaux and the unidentified off-screen producer talking about the upcoming report on Trump, with Malveaux saying his plane should be “landing any minute.”

The producer then reviews the signals she plans to use with Malveaux, joking, “That means his plane’s crashed. No I’m kidding.”

CNN issued a statement on Friday apologizing for the producer’s inappropriate joke:

“An unfortunate and inappropriate remark was made by one of our producers off camera yesterday. We have apologized to the Trump transition team, and the producer has been disciplined.”

The video has been viewed more than 2.3 million times, and underscores how the liberal media are still struggling with Trump’s win nearly four weeks after the election.

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  • Mesa Mike

    A big Amen to that, brother. Republicans did only half the job in 1865: they should have abolished the Democrats as a political party along with slavery. Ever since, vengeance and hate have been a big, big part of the Democrats’ political DNA, providing Marxists of the late 19th century with fertile ground. Many of our nation’s current woes, financial and otherwise, result from Marxism’s lethal ideology and date back more than 100 years to President Woodrow Wilson — a warmonger, virulent racist and, need I say, a Democrat. (He was the first Demon-crat to occupy the White House since before the Civil War.)

  • hap46

    Enough of the “liberal” interpretation of our U.S. Constitution. Also, Congress passed the Immigration Act of 1986 as a law to be enforced. Both the Democrats and Republicans have ignored this law. We must abolish sanctuary cities and automatic anchor baby birth certificates. NOW IS THE TIME TO DO IT WITH REPUBS IN CONTROL OF ALL 3 BRANCHES OF OUR GOVERNMENT. Go back to letting states rule to the wishes of the majority of its residents. Enough of this “Big Government” spending with our tax money. Also, heavy fines on employers that are happy to give jobs to illegals.

  • Ced

    Luciferian / communist / progressive / DNC “democRAT” EVIL OOOZZZing out of her pores. And now an apology? From an evil DNC cnn minion…apology =0.

  • Ced

    No seat for cnn at the table..No soup for you wicked demon !!! Banish the msm media ABC who?