Accuracy in Media

First, Hillary Clinton got to ride on Air Force One with President Obama on the way to a campaign stop together in North Carolina on Tuesday. But the bigger perk may have been when Clinton spoke at the podium behind the Presidential Seal, despite the White House saying that it wouldn’t be used at campaign events.

Even if ¬†Obama doesn’t support Trump, the Donald should demand equal access to the seal.

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    There cannot be anyone now who doubts that we are in essence Mexico, a one-party presidential “republic” with an elected dictator and a succession that is automatically handed down to the incumbent’s choice with elections only a formality. The Philadelphia Republic will in future be said to have died on its 240th birthday, and the only way to keep from being first Mexico and then Venezuela and finally Zimbabwe is a national rising of the kind that the people of Spain started 80 years ago this month, which at length got rid of their Trojan Horse traitors and fundamental transformers.

  • IronChefSandwiches

    “There cannot be anyone who doubts…”

    Actually, only a tiny minority of brainwashed idiots believes this nonsense. You’re a loon.


    The Klinton campaign is said to be spending hundreds of millions of Chicom and Saudi bribe money to hire internet trolls to “correct” statements on social media that are critical of the leather-clad liar from Lesbos. It does not appear that they are getting value for money.

  • ChingatchCroute

    Uh… “the incumbent’s choice”
    Should be… “the Bilderbergs choice”! ;-/