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On Thursday’s Hardball on MSNBC, Chris Matthews took a swipe at CEOs who have announced cost-cutting measures now that they know Obamacare will not be repealed.

Matthews’ targets were Robert Murray, CEO of Murray Energy, who has announced that his company will lay off 156 employees; Papa John’s CEO John Schnatter, whose company will reduce workers’ hours to stay below the Obamacare insurance threshold; and John Metz, the owner of 40 Denny’s franchises in Florida, who announced plans to add a 5% Obamacare surcharge to customers’ bills to cover the added costs to his business.

The segment was labeled, Horrible Bosses? Matthews’ goal was to paint these CEOs as bad or evil for taking what he obviously feels are unnecessary actions in an effort to comply with Obamacare.

But Murray, Schnatter and Metz are just the tip of the iceberg. Restaurant chains Red Lobster and Olive Garden are also planning on cutting back employees’ hours and will likely be followed by many others as they realize the onerous costs imposed upon them under Obamcare.

It’s those costs that are inconvenient facts to liberals like Matthews, who prefer to attack CEOs for doing what they need to do to keep their businesses viable, instead of admit that Obamacare is a very real threat to our economy and future job growth.

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  • CJ IsDa Shiznit

    Chris is a hormonal lil b!tch

  • dean

    of course Matthews cries. he is just another liberal in the tank for Obama. Like Obama he has no idea what operating a business takes. Maybe Obama could appoint him the new Business Czar. It would mammke as much sense as the other appointments he had made.

  • spartacus

    hey chris when you get in bed with muslim ” shit” you wind up with it all over ! , libs and Islam a” plague ” needed to be exterminated

  • semus

    We should give this piece of crap Obama lover some high leather boots. phony medals, cyanide tablets and call him Obama’s Minister of Propaganda.

  • Willi P

    It is lucky for Conservatives that nobody watches the Hard Head show.

  • steph

    LOL Are we supposed to care?

  • profchuck

    Mathews is a radical liberal ideologue and his belief structure trumps reality. Facts are of no concern to these folks because their liberalism is a religion and Mathews and his fellow travelers are completely devoted disciples. Trying to teach a liberal economics is like trying to teach an oyster to play the violin.

  • gwedem5995

    What’s the matter Chris is that tingle up your leg now showing pain. Who listens to him anyway. I thought Obermann was bad, but he is right up there with him.

  • Melia Sese

    Has this fa**ot ever run a business? Didn’t think so. He can stick it …

  • Bonk

    One of my liberal friends (I don’t have many) echoed Matthews. That’s probably the source of her disdain towards these CEO’s. In a liberal’s mind, it’s OK for the government to confiscate the wealth of someone, because they must have obtained it with the exploitation of the “less fortunate”. All the while, ignoring the fact that the administration and their cronies are the true criminals, exploiting and penalizing the hard working people through onerous taxes and regulations.

  • bill

    what a moron! If we could all hold hands and maybe enjoy a nice group hug, then maybe all these evil businessmen would just see the light. The Pillsbury Dough Boy strikes again.

  • jiluvjen

    Chris Matthews is so DAMNED stupid and completely out of touch with the REAL working world that he makes such asinine statements as this about the CEO’s of the work world. I doubt seriously that he has worked a day in his life in that world. If he has, I’ll wager that he was FIRED for ineptitude on the job. He has to hide behind a mike and a camera to earn(?) a living. A sad excuse for a human being!

  • Tewana Secumbah

    Chris is just a conservaphobe who was wasted long ago by liberalism! Hopefully MSNBC won’t wait too late to realizing that laying Chris off or drastically cutting his hours is the best way to survive Obamacare themselves.

  • LawrenceO

    When MSNBC Notifies Matthews his hours will be cut to satisfy Obama Care or he will be laid off entirely will be great news for the public in general.

  • M.J. Nellett

    This is Chris ” Psycho Thrill Up My Leg” Matthews, what the heck would you expect from this guy???

  • Katie Baker

    When I started to work after graduation which was back in the 1960s, the presidents and Ceos of a company had an income which was 10% higher than the highest paid production worker. Due to power and greed which is alive and well the presidents and Ceos of companies have an income of 400% to 1000% of the highest paid production worker. Maybe companies should consider eliminating presidents, Ceos and top executives who are bilking all of the companies, then ALL workers would get better pay and benefits. Just have supervisors.

  • klaus

    One of these days Matthews is going to have a complete mental breakdown of some sort on his show. At that point it will be announced that he has had a undiagnosed mental disorder for some time. Of course we have already suspected that anyway.

  • kktex12

    Tell this piece of incompetent garbage to pony up the money for the judasbama care costs and everything will go back to normal. Otherwise shut his piehole before someone shuts it for him. Put him in Bellevue. In the fartherest place away from humanity as possible.

  • Been taking your “stupid” pills regularly, I see! You don’t have a clue of just how idiotic you sound!

  • When is MSNBC going to rename his show “Noballs”?

  • Matthews, you are one tragically stupid individual

  • Don

    Of course Matthews is not going to mention the people that just lost their jobs at the newspapers that the big lefty Warren Buffet just closed.

  • The Major

    Short & to the Point,,,,,,IF msnbc wants to SAVE money on H/C,,,FIRE Matthews.

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