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MSNBC’s Hardball host Chris Matthews was all wound up on Monday’s Morning Joe program from Tampa when he tore into one of the guests, RNC Chairman Reince Priebus, and accused Romney and the Republican Party of playing the race card.

Mattthews was upset at Mitt Romney’s joke on Friday in which he said, “no one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate,” while speaking at a campaign stop in Michigan. Matthews took out his anger on Priebus.

That cheap shot about ‘I don’t have a problem with my birth certificate’ was awful. It is an embarrassment to your party to play that card.

This stuff about getting rid of the work requirement for welfare is dishonest, everyone’s pointed out it’s dishonest, and you are playing that little ethnic card there. You can play your games and giggle about it, but the fact is your side is playing that card. When you start talking about work requirements, we know what game you’re playing, and everybody knows what game you’re playing, it’s a race card.

Not everyone on the show was in agreement with Matthews. Co-host Mika Brzezinski and guest Tom Brokaw, both liberals, said that it was just Romney demonstrating his awkward sense of humor and wasn’t meant as a racist remark.

Priebus defended Romney by saying that it was nothing more than a little bit of levity and that Romney has repeatedly said that he believes Obama was born in the U.S.

That exchange was mild, though, compared to what happened after Priebus mentioned that Obama was “looking for guidance” from Europe in formulating domestic policy.

That’s insane! It’s your foreign-ization of this guy — you’re doing it again. What is this European thing of yours?

Priebus responded that he wasn’t going to get into a shouting match with Matthews, and tried to move the conversation along, when Chris responded that it was because he (Priebus) was losing. Priebus called that “garbage” in a low tone, to which Matthews said, “It’s your garbage.”

Liberals are cheering Matthews on social media, but they, like the media are ignoring the fact that the race card isn’t being played by the GOP, but instead by liberals like Matthews who are trying to place discussion of any legitimate issue off limits, by tying it to non-existent Republican racism.

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  • Geezer

    A joke about birth certificates is “awful” and the playing of the race card (despite the fact that Obama jokes about it himself). As far as I know, Chris has been silent (an unheard condition for him) on VP Biden’s comments about “Y’all” going back into “chains.” Now THERE is a race card.

  • Hambone

    Who in their right mind would go on a show like this?
    What the hell did Priebus think he’d accomplish by visiting the Insane Asylum?
    I question O’s altered birth certificate. I wonder when Joe Arpaio will visit Moron Joke? I mean Morning Joe.
    I question where O’s college records are, if they even exist.
    I question where O’s passports are, and what they reveal about foreign birth.
    I question O’s SS#, out of a state he never set foot in.
    Let’s see O’s FBI file. I doubt he could even pass a basic federal employee background check.
    O is the perfect poster child for why Affirmative Action is such a total disaster. You simply cannot “give” a person a place because of what they look like.
    He was elected because he’s half white.
    He is as incompetent as a president, or even a 7-11 store employee, as Matthews is as a “journalist.” Whatever that term is supposed to describe these days.

  • Al C Las Vegas

    Who ,with any sense, would listen to Chris Matthews who
    gets a “thrill up his leg” everytime hears Obama speak. I wonder what kind of thrill he would get if TRUTH jumped up and bit him on his butt?

  • Pitzel

    Chris Matthews is a joke. He rambles on and on over a guest. He is incompetent and needs to be off the air.His ramblings make no sense at any time.

  • Here is the problem, or at least a major one for Chrissy
    Matthews. He is a very poor interviewer, as he rarely asks questions, he more
    often makes statement. I did see an astute person ask him once, “is there
    a question in that statement somewhere”.

  • dave

    Another thing about these liberalshows including that fake conservative Joe on Morning Blow. They are RUDE to anyone who does not think like they do. Like with Ed the talking ass Shultz, Chrissy Matthews is hostile to those from the other side. This is nothing new for Chrissy. Check this out from 8 years ago.
    Michelle Malkin was the subject of TV host Chris Matthews rage during the 2004 Campaign when the subject of John Kerry’s medals came up during the latter’s show on MSNBC, Hardball. Christ Matthews started berating Michelle Malkin with question as to whether she believed John Kerry had faked any of the injuries that had gotten him a Purple Heart. When Michelle Malkin tried to respond, Chris Matthews interrupted her, repeating the question with increasing volume and venom. Having worked himself up into sufficient rage, Chris Matthews threw Michelle Malkin off the air. It one of the most churlish displays in TV news history.

  • dave

    It is an appropriate joke if he inserted that he did not spend a million bucks to seal his birth certificate to begin with. What the F is that about? Why would you need to seal you records? Oh, wait, he must have something to hide.

  • The Major

    I have been watching the RNC on C-SPAN Ch 210 ,,so I will not have to listen to comentators ,,even those I like on Fox News. Just out of morbid curiosity,,I went down 1 ch. to MSNBC,,& ‘lo & behold,,what do my weary eye & ears see & hear,,but Mr. “Tingle” himself,,,going on yet another ANTI-Romney rant,,,and,,,as usual,,,his “Guests” could NOT get a word in “edge-weese”. Does ANYONE still take this lunatic seriously anymore???
    He should pray to his new “God”,,,obama,,,that for now,,,at least BEFORE the election,,,,Heaven forbid obama wins,,,for the airways will be ‘thinned out’ as the 2nd coming of the Martxist “God” will ,,,with the stroke of a pen,,,,remove MORE of our Constitutional rights,,,such as the 2nd amd,,,& for a select few who shall remain for the WH propaganda reasons,,,the 1st amd.will be gone for the REST of uson the Air,,& on the ‘I/NET’ But rest asured,,,the minions on ‘Marxist/Socialist Nothing But Communists “NEWS” willstill have their jobs,,,but the WH will TELL them HOW MUCH they will get paid,,,just like Doctors will ,,,In obamacare