Accuracy in Media

One day after her interview with President-elect Donald Trump on 60 Minutes, veteran CBS News correspondent Lesley Stahl appeared on CBS This Morning and said that Trump doesn’t like the the media much, and blames them for whipping up the anti-Trump protesters.

“He has a deep animosity to the press, and he feels we are whipping it up.”

If Trump has any animosity towards the press, it would be justified based on Stahl’s interview alone, in which she tried without success to nail him with “gotcha” questions.

The relationship Trump has with the press, once he is inaugurated, will largely depend on who he selects to serve as his press secretary and whether the media decide that they will cover him honestly and fairly—as The New York Times has promised—or if they will continue their anti-Trump stance that failed miserably during the campaign.

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  • Dee

    Anyone could see the biases in the media. It is really evident. I started paying attention during the 2012 election because I did not believe the media was bias. That is when I clearly saw that it was. During this election I checked every morning both CNN and Fox as my example. Clearly CNN would have 90% of negative articles about Trump and 10% Clinton. I found Fox had approx. 60% Trump and 40% Clinton. We want the news, not an opinion. Until people in masses boycott the bias media outlets, they will continue to distort what is really happening. I have no problem with the tough questions, but their love affair with Clinton and the dems is sickening.

  • rac647

    I watched her interview on 60 minutes. Talk about a biased press. She is a terrible representative of the press but one that is par for the course. Her interview was one attempt to trap the President-elect after another and she failed.

  • Tbear

    LS is a typical media stooge posing as a journalist. Journalism died at the hands of Walter Cronkite when he lied to America during the Vietnam War.

  • IraMad

    LOL! I can’t imagine why????
    You have been so fair, why would anyone harbor animosity?

  • Wayne Michaels

    Trump “Has a Deep Animosity to the Press”. No $hit. So do the rest of us.

  • Bruce

    Isn’t there such thing as an oath of integrity a journalist takes before entering this profession? If so, it seems all that was “trampled under foot” and kicked to the latrine this year. I believe is tilted slightly to the right, but its the closest thing I can find to “balanced.” Is there such thing as a news service that’s completely neutral in its’ political coverage?

  • Bob

    I can’t speak for Trump but I doubt he has a deep animosity to the press. What I think Lesley meant was he has a deep animosity to a biased left wing mainstream media complex and yes that would be you Lesley. Wake up.

  • G.B.

    I haven’t had any respect for the press since Dan Rather informed the world, during the Vietnam War, that people get killed, sometimes even civilians. Arrogant then; arrogant now.

  • BakkenBill

    Not too many years back there was a news magazine called Media Bypass that reported what MSM refused to publish. However they are no longer around.
    Mainstream media has gotten in bed with the far left Clintonian-Soros types. Which enables the American Communists to further spread their disinformation to the new generation that was indoctrinated in our own “public education” system. Truth as most of us over the age of 40 know it, no longer exists.
    So exactly WHO can the American people trust to give us the truth? God doesn’t own any media outlets.

  • Richard Frick

    The press has a responsibility to report on world events in an unbiased manner. They do NOT have any rights to MAKE the NEWS or CREAT the NEWS to benefit their grab for income. So they hate Trump, because he did not fill their coffers with ill gotten money which influences their creation of news for personal gain. If the alleged journalists are so brilliant and capable, why are they not running the country instead of stirring it up? Todays journalists are petty puppets to the likes of Soros and the rest of the communists and fascists that desire to destroy Democracy.

  • worried for future

    Oath of Integrity? Are you for real? With very few exceptions today the talking heads in the liberal media seem free to express their biases instead of simply reporting the news without their left wing opinions. The vaunted profession of Journalism has been corrupted into just opinionated reporting. Today it’s reporting with an agenda. The old saying of “if it bleeds it leads” has never been more true. It all stems from upper management who set the agenda for their drones. Viewership numbers is all that matters.
    The biased media are suffering deeply for this and many are losing viewers. It’s no coincidence the NYTimes recently pledged to do better, but’s nothing more than a flawed ploy that will likely fall on deaf ears. The voters have spoken and they simply can’t accept it.

  • theodora

    Gee Braintrust Lesley, ya think? Figured that one out all by yourself didja? Can’t imagine why he feels this way. You can bet just about all Trump voters feel the same. Can’t imagine working in such a dishonest profession.

  • Bruce

    The ‘Beast of Revelations’ was exposed, rebuked, and wounded this election. Read rabbi Ken Klein, who describes it as the number of man– not a man. That’s right,The Beast or AntiChrist is a system of individuals committed to eliminating God from the public forum, creating a One World government, a One World Cashless currency, and making us completely subservient to it. Doesn’t that sound a lot like the DNC and its’ globalist masters? Add The Media and Academia and you’ve got “A Perfect Beast” that will be back again and again until the people succumb to its evil.

  • NoCoincidences

    Trump, not to mention, the citizens of the United States, have every right, and more, to be pissed off and disgusted with the ‘media’, in which individuals of the press profession are granted ‘broad rights’ in the first amendment, are many, here are but a few:
    “The First Amendment’s protection of speech and expression is central to the concept of American political system. There is a direct link between freedom of speech and vibrant democracy. Free speech is an indispensable tool of self-governance in a democratic society. It enables people to obtain information from a diversity of sources, make decisions, and communicate those decisions to the government.”
    “Rather than having the government establish and dictate the truth, freedom of speech enables the truth to emerge from diverse opinions.”

    For more info why we harbor great animosity, the press has become ‘repeaters’, NOT reporters. Every msm outlet repeat verbatim the mandated ‘official versions’ of the main talking points and narratives of the day, issued by this administration. And, the pseudo-0prah wanna-bes read and repeat those scripts of lies, with the hopes they will be offered a talk show of their ‘own’. God forbid a live major event occur while they are ‘on air’, they cannot even form coherent descriptions of what is happening. Below preschool level antics and appalling to most of the public that are not in their own little dance floor competition, football game basketball, baseball, cooking challenge, etc. At least, any respectable U.S. citizen who want and feel a need to be informed about government antics, abuse, and corruption, in order to correct the problems those we elect cause, whether intentional or by accident**,

    **(yeah right, accident)

  • sox83cubs84

    Well, Lesley, since you pretend journalists are trying so hard to destroy him, why shouldn’t he not trust you?