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At last week’s Allen & Company conference, which brought together some of the most powerful and influential figures across media and tech, along with high-profile investors, CBS CEO Les Moonves said that he would be interested in buying CNN if it ever came up for sale.

Moonves was interviewed by CNBC’s Julia Boorstin, who asked about CBS News’s new partnership with the BBC.

“These are two phenomenal news organizations, and to have the power of the BBC along with the CBS brand…it just gives us the ability to cover the world much more thoroughly; it’s great for both companies and we’re very excited about it,” Moonves said.

Moonves also said that although CBS isn’t looking to make any more deals at the moment, he is intrigued about the possibility of acquiring CNN and would take a look should it become available.

“CNN is a very worthy news organization… it’s something that could enhance CBS,” Moonves told Boorstin. “But I don’t think that’s on the table right now. If it came up later on, it would be something we would look at.”

Moonves probably will have to wait awhile as CNN’s parent company Time Warner is being acquired by AT&T, but given the cable news network’s reputation as the main purveyor of fake news it may be something AT&T would jettison at the right price.

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  • efred1

    Rush Limbaugh should buy CBS. I can see it now: “This is the CBS News with Rush Limbaugh”. Liberals would be throwing themselves out windows and flinging themselves into traffic. But it would be the highest-rated and most-watched news program on the air.

  • Alberta Ed

    Should be able to get CNN pretty cheap, considering the crap it’s been putting out for the last several years. CBS would have to clean house to get rid of the Clintonista faction and restore CNN’s long-lost integrity.

  • TED

    “Fake news” originated on Fox News in the 1990s.

  • mioahu

    Thanks for the insight LYING TED, as if anybody believes you …. that’s why we call you LYING TED ! , supporting the lying leftist media…

  • jksu2

    Moonves/Moonbeam – Stupid is as Stupid does. As dumb as Murdoch’s boys firing their cash cow.