Accuracy in Media

CBS News congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes took a swipe at Hillary Clinton to highlight the fact that the Democratic presidential nominee hasn’t held a press conference in 270 days, by saying, “she’s generally too busy ignoring reporters to insult them.”

Clinton has said that she will hold a press conference “at some point,” but has remained purposely vague so that she doesn’t really commit herself to something she knows she’s terrible at, and which could seriously damage her presidential hopes.

Cordes said that when Clinton took eight questions at a journalism forum earlier this month, she had to deal with two questions on her least favorite subject—her private email server—and she infamously told reporters that she “short-circuited” during her interview with Chris Wallace, which might explain her aversion to press conferences.

The real reason Clinton has an aversion to press conferences, though, is that it would pressure her to tell the truth—or at least try to tell the truth—about her private server, her handling of classified material and other related scandals. That’s something she just can’t do, since she has dug far too deep a hole with her lies over the last few years.

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  • sox83cubs84

    It’s crazy that the liberal media is so intent on protecting and cheerleading for Hitlery when she goes out of her way to avoid helping them do their jobs.

  • jimrussell

    I guess the self serving media never heard of or are not smart enough to play chess. It’s not a game it’s war, and winning a war through a smart winning strategy. Absolutely no one cares about the whiny press and their crybaby hurt feelings. My god when your opponent is shooting himself in the foot, arm, leg and head day after day, why would you do anything to take away from his negative news coverage? While Trump or his campaign does or says something stupid almost everyday why interrupt failure? Hillary is quietly working every important State, building a get out the vote support organization necessary to win on election day while what goes for the Trump campaign offends another sliver of the American public, don’t interrupt disintegration Hillary.

  • joejohnson291

    Seems to me that Nancy Cordes spends more time defending Hillary’s actions than telling the truth and facts to the American voters. Reporters are just there to report the facts,not be a political pundit.We all have a brain and canmake up our own minds at the voting booth. Whatever you report,the internet lets us know weather it’s fact or just a reporters opinion.The latter makes credibility an issue with your reporting