Accuracy in Media

It looks like the surge in cable news ratings has come at the expense of the big three broadcast networks, as the latest ratings report shows that ABC, CBS and NBC have lost more than one million viewers on their morning shows and their evening news broadcasts in the last year.

In February 2016, the morning shows on the big three networks averaged 13.903 million viewers. That dropped to 12.766 million for the same period this year. That’s a loss of 1.137 viewers, or eight percent.

The combined evening newscasts averaged 25.843 million viewers in 2016, which dropped to 24.695 million this year for a loss of 1.148 million viewers, or 4.4 percent.

That is still a substantial number of viewers when compared to cable, but the momentum is clearly with Fox News, CNN and MSNBC, which can and have devoted large chunks of their news coverage to Donald Trump. That is something the broadcast networks can’t replicate due to programming and time constraints.

As long as Trump remains a hot news topic, further erosion of the broadcast news audience is a strong possibility.

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  • NoBS NoSpam

    Are those viewer numbers from the same folks who predicted a Hillary land slide? Even on the morn of the election? How’s those numbers doing now?


    If they don’t stop attacking Trump, constantly lying and agreeing with the liberals about the people who elected Trump, those numbers will continue to go down. The liberal media and the Hollywood elite who keep attacking Trump and ‘we the people’ are biting the hand that feeds them, get a clue or we will boycott you all out of existence. It really isn’t hard, it will be a while before the jobs come back in any significant way, we still don’t have jobs or money to spend so what we have needs to be directed to things that are really important. Crap news, the people who sponsor crap news and the Hollywood idiiots who keep spewing out remakes of old comic books and calling it art, just don’t make the cut.

  • JDMedia

    I clicked with glee. But come on man… Since Feb 2016 LAST YEAR… kind of a misleading headline for ACCURACY IN MEDIA?

  • Ann Marie

    Can’t understand how people still watch ABC, NBC, CBS and even CNN and MSNBC they are all #fakenews !