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In a conversation with Axios’ Mike Allen, veteran journalist Bob Woodward criticized the media for its “smugness” when reporting on President Trump.

Allen asked Woodward to comment on a statement he made last month in which he said, “This is no time for self satisfaction or smugness:”

“I think that’s a giant problem. On television, particularly, you will see a White House correspondent deliver a report and then say ‘The Trump White House said,’ and then there’s a kind of smug smile — which is the correspondent undermining what the White House said. And there may be grounds for that. But it should be reported. It should be straight.”

When a liberal like Bob Woodward thinks the media have become too smug in their reporting on Trump, and encourages straightforward reporting, you know they have lost any pretense of objectivity.

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  • Mark M.

    Most recent nonsense began with radical feminists entering — infiltrating, actually — the news media, and many of them were haughty, superficial women. (I recall one of NOW’s presidents, whose name I forget, responding to most any criticism or attempt at meaningful dialogue by saying, “Get used to it.”)

    Women are now doing for news reportage what they did to financial markets in 1999-2000, led by such goofballs as “Money Honey” Maria Bartiromo and the fraudulent investment club, “The Beardstown (Illinois) Ladies.” For those who forget, the market crashed hard back then, led by the NASDAQ, which dropped 75 percent. Just prior to the decline, Suze Orman had told investors that all they needed was the SPDR technology ETF (XLK) to make money; the latter holding lost nearly three-quarters of its value within three years and took more than 15 years to recoup those losses.

    Our media is now in free-fall, an intellectual crash led by moronic feminist nut jobs like those at (P)MSNBC.

  • mioahu

    Old Style Liberals slowly awakening to the fact that the leftists have hijacked the liberal movement. I have liberal buddies who voted democrat all their lives, and this time they voted for Trump, because, in their words, ” the f***ing leftists have hijacked my party” .. but my buddies are smart, that’s why they are my buddies , most libs will just go with it