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Former Current TV anchor Keith Olbermann has apparently reached a settlement with his former employer over his $50 million lawsuit, according to Deadline.

OlbermannThe details of the settlement are confidential but Deadline reports that the payout is significant.

Olbermann, who filed the lawsuit in April 2012 accused the network of a variety of offenses, including  disparaging him to his staff and the press, revealing confidential contract information, not seeking permission for guest hosts, using his likeness in an AT&T ad without his approval, and not  streaming “Countdown” online—even though carriage agreements with cable operators prevented it, and not giving him control over political specials.

Current filed a cross complaint against Olbermann, claiming that it had “every right to terminate” his services.

You can read the heavily redacted filing here.

Olbermann’s problems at Current were well documented and he probably stood little chance of winning the suit or a settlement until Al Gore struck a deal to sell the struggling network to Al Jazeera. At that point, Olbermann’s suit became a nuisance and a cloud hanging over the sale.

Since Gore and company pocketed $500 million from the sale, a settlement won’t hurt them much, but it does have the unwelcome result of giving Olbermann an undeserved victory.

Now maybe Gore can concentrate on the lawsuit filed against him for stealing the idea to sell Current TV to Al Jazeera.

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  • Who is Keith Olbermann? The name is somehow familiar. I think he did sports on ESPN for a while, but got canned. Then he went to work for some cable news outfit, whose ratings were in the toilet, and got canned. Then he worked for Al Gore, and yep! He got canned again. He’s sure getting a lot of money for being an unproductive and unprofessional nut job.

  • TheBruce

    Just give this leftist dolt a spot on Comedy Central and he’ll be happy.