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barbara bush and steve doocy

Former First Lady Barbara Bush is honoring a late veteran’s wish, by canceling her subscription to the New York Times.

Leonard Smith, 86, was a  veteran of both World II and the Korean War who was born and raised in New York and apparently wasn’t a fan of the paper, according to his obituary:

Leonard Smith hated pointless bureaucracy, thoughtless inefficiency and bad ideas born of good intentions. He loved his wife, admired and respected his children and liked just about every dog he ever met. He will be greatly missed by those he loved and those who loved him. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that you cancel your subscription to The New York Times.

During an interview last week on Fox News, Mrs. Bush was asked if she had seen Times columnist Maureen Dowd’s recent piece headlined, “Brace Yourself for Hillary and Jeb.”

“I did see that and I thought, ‘Anything to make news,’” she told Fox News’ Steve Doocy.

Mrs. Bush asked Doocy if he had seen Smith’s obituary, and said that after reading the family’s request she decided to cancel her Times subscription.

It was probably a smart move—especially if Jeb decides to run for president in 2016—based on how the Times treated the previous two Bush presidencies.

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  • Unc Remus

    I always liked Mrs Bush…A smart cookie…

  • 3rdjerseyman

    They lost this multi-decade subscriber last year. It wasn’t just the leftist slant and dishonesty, it was the sheer silliness and irrelevance of so much of their coverage. Who needs reviews of rap records, another article about 20 million dollar apartments or fashin spreads with miserable people wearing 1200 dollar slacks and 2500 dollar jackets? The paper seemed increasingly written for creepy and dull people. I suggest the Wall Street Journal for people who still want a large dose of news, opinion and cultural coverage. The Review section is the best of its type being published currently.