Accuracy in Media

The Associated Press wrongly tweeted Monday that the Pentagon was defying President Trump with its decision to allow transgender individuals to serve in the military beginning Jan.1.

The tweet refers to a decision by U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, who declined to lift an injunction she issued in October delaying the implementation of the transgender ban.

The Trump administration had argued it needed more time to prepare to process new transgender recruits.

The Pentagon was following a court order, not acting in defiance of Trump.

Others in the media took the AP at its word and retweeted the inaccurate tweet.

Others with more legal knowledge called out the AP for the tweet.

The AP has let the tweet stand.

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  • jg collins

    AP = all propaganda

  • samo war
  • Alton_Gayle

    Who is this so-called judge to defy “THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF”? This should go before SCOTUS immediately and this circus judge told to shut the hell up!!!!!

  • Bobbie Socks

    The judge is one of our hate-filled “enemies within,” determined that fags and fems will be the death of us all. Most of our enemies don’t even want these
    goofballs; so they do one of three things with them: throw them
    off roofs, dress them in burkas or put them in the U.S. military.

  • Alton_Gayle

    Yep, God help our military. How the hell are they supposed to medically treat these kind of people in a combat zone? Plus this so-called judge should be removed from the bench. Donald Trump is President of the U.S.A. and Commander in Chief of same. As such under the Constitution he has the say of who can and can’t be in our military, not some judge. Mr. President, Please start cleaning house NOW!!!

  • freethinker4

    More fake propaganda trying to lead people to think more people than there actually is in support of LGBTQ’s agenda, but this brain dead morally twisted judge needs to be prosecuted for obstruction of justice and treason, along with 4 liberal treasonous judges on the supreme-less court.

  • dwhfolsom76

    You really cannot rely on ANY media to tell you the real/full/factual/honest story whenever they have an opportunity to tell any story that makes the Trump Administration look bad.
    Where were the stories about ANY DUMOCRAT administration with imbedded lies?

    Oh yeah! I remember … they only told lies about the “D” activities to make them look like they were doing things that would benefit the American people!

    They have been F’ing us for a long long time!