Accuracy in Media

As 2012 comes to a close, conservatives will gnash their teeth and say good riddance to yet another banner year of media bias.

The mainstream media has never been very good at hiding their biases, or in the case of MSNBC, flaunting them.  The media shredded any hope of fair and balanced coverage of the 2012 elections with their constant pounding of not just the GOP presidential hopefuls during the primary, but of their relentless attacks on Mitt Romney and Tea Party candidates across the country.

One of the worst offenders was Chris Matthews, who turned his show into a long running attack ad for the Democratic Party, with his relentless and often inaccurate descriptions of Mitt Romney and the Republican party, while at the same time praising a president that had presided over the highest unemployment in over a generation and whose economy was going nowhere fast.

But those facts didn’t matter to Matthews and the rest of the mainstream media.  What was important to them was to prevent the Republicans taking control of the Senate and the White House, and thanks in large part to their efforts to distort the facts, they accomplished their mission.

Related to the overtly pro-Obama bias the media displayed this year was the outright distortion of the Voter ID laws that were put into effect for this election.  The media, led by Matthews and some prominent Democrats, accused the Republicans of being racially motivated in passing these laws.  They claimed that the laws were targeting minorities in an effort to suppress the vote for Obama.  This was particularly worrisome to the Democrats as they feared a drop in enthusiasm for Obama from 2008, meaning that every vote would be crucial, and lax voting standards directly benefitted their candidates.

But don’t just take it from me that there’s a liberal bias.  In January the Washington Post’a ombudsman said he wouldn’t quibble with his predecessors statement that the paper has a “liberal tilt.”  Or what about former New York Times executive editor Bill Keller who said, “If we were objective, we would be tedious to read,” in February of this year, which only confirmed long-held suspicions about both these large and influential newspapers.

Media bias has been around for a long time.  Accuracy in Media has been fighting it for 43 years, and unfortunately it shows no signs of abating in the near future, so keep your guard up and be vigilant, as we carry the fight on in 2013.

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  • Peculiar Man

    The next conservative challenger for the White House is going to have to take off the gloves and bloody some noses. No more Mr. or Mrs. Nice guy. Time to start planning.

  • Fox News didn’t hide its bias. When will we see a comment about that?

  • Oh please, FOX was the only one who told the truth. All the other channels, all of them, did not, covered up, told lies, made up stuff about Romney. We dont have a media any more, thats obvious. If people want the truth, listen to FOX.

  • 5843supie

    A I M has been fighting media bias for 43 years the man says…. sounds like a the kind of war a republican would start, and send someone else’s kid to fight it….

    people throw money at groups like A I M and get no results, but the

    money keeps flowing in, the fighting continues and nothing gets done except
    people like don irvine don’t have to work very hard to make a living…
    they’ve been being born every second for a long, long time….

  • 5843supie

    I thought you said we don’t have a media anymore… and you want me to listen to fox…. make up your mind

  • JeromefromLayton

    Note that News Week is going out of the Print on the News Stand business. I recall a Freshman course that my son took. There was ONE assigned “news” magazine and the students were “encouraged” to subscribe to it, News Week. That meant it was really an indoctrination class.