From WorldNetDaily:

The Department of Justice moved to drop charges against arms dealer Marc Turi because federal prosecutors are convinced his defense would expose then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s secret arms running to the radical al-Qaida-affiliated militia in Libya in 2011, contended Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano in an interview with WND.

“I have read a great many on-the-record and off-the-record materials on the Marc Turi case,” Napolitano told WND, “and it is clear that even though the trial would be after Election Day, the Justice Department did not want to be in a position of defending Secretary Clinton.”

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From Fox News:

An arms dealer who had threatened to reveal potentially damaging information about Hillary Clinton’s alleged role in arming Islamist militants until federal prosecutors abruptly dropped their case against him Tuesday, told Fox News the case has cost him everything.

Federal prosecutors faced a Wednesday deadline to turn over discovery documents to the legal team of American Marc Turi, who had been charged with selling weapons to Libyan rebels. Late Tuesday, an announcement came that the government was dropping the case, which was set to go to trial on Nov. 8 – the day American voters choose between Clinton and GOP nominee Donald Trump. The move may avert a release of potentially explosive documents.

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From The Washington Examiner:

State Department officials engaged in a coordinated effort to manage the political fallout from the discovery of emails related to Benghazi among Hillary Clinton’s records in 2015, according to a 189-page summary of interviews conducted by the FBI in its investigation of Clinton’s email practices.

The 296 Benghazi-related emails released by the House Select Committee on Benghazi in May 2015 served as the first test for the State Department officials who would ultimately screen all 30,000 of Clinton’s emails.

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From Accuracy in Media:

With a new report from the British Parliament condemning their own country’s decision to help intervene in Libya, the mainstream media have started to rewrite history. The media’s revisionism seeks to repair the damaged foreign policy legacy of President Obama by making the decision to intervene in Libya the fault of foreign countries, particularly France and England.

A CNN article written with this purpose in mind bears the headline, “Britain’s Libya intervention led to growth of ISIS, inquiry finds.” Angela Dewan writes, “Britain’s military intervention in Libya was based on ‘inaccurate intelligence’ and ‘erroneous assumptions,’ a report released Wednesday found, pointing the finger at former Prime Minister David Cameron for failing to develop a sound Libya strategy.” Yet, she adds, “the United States became involved and played a key role.”

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